30 Photos - Sep 26, 2012
Photo: We've had the date on the calendar for a while! It's family movie night!Photo: Before we left we download the Avengers Augmented Reality App. The kids were excited to look for the trigger points in the store.Photo: We had to show some Avengers love too!Photo: On our way!Photo: At Walmart to get our exclusive copy or Avengers with the graphic novel!Photo: They are so excited...wait for Mom!Photo: The first sign we see, right as we walk in.Photo: Checking our the Avengers gear. I totally want a shield!Photo: You can only get the Box set at Walmart, it has the Graphic Novel in it which my son really liked.Photo: Checking out the Walmart Exclusive Gift Set!Photo: Ummm can I open it now?!Photo: We weren't the only ones who wanted the Exclusive Gift Set...they were almost gone!Photo: We found our first trigger point! We had fun answering question to find out what Superhero we were.Photo: How cool is this! With the SuperHero AR app you can take a picture with the Avengers! AWESOMEPhoto: Here's the movie display at the front of the store.Photo: This is the display where you can take a picture with the Superheros.Photo: It's Avenger's time!Photo: The Marketside pizza is Avenger themed too!Photo: Choices, Choices. Which superhero pizza is coming home with us?!Photo: Captain America, of course! The box is also a trigger point. When you hold your phone over it a whole city appears!Photo: Assemble your family for pizza and a movie.Photo: That does look pretty supreme!Photo: We've got our pizza and movie...time to roll!Photo: We were on a mission. Pizza...check. Movie...check. Mission accomplished!Photo: After we got home and put the pizza in the oven we let the kids play with the SuperHero AR app and the pizza box. When you hold the phone over the app a virtual city appeared.Photo: This is a close-up of the phone over the pizza box. You can even see the Avengers!Photo: He's ready for the movie to start!Photo: We decided to have a pizza picnic in the living room and start the movie! Fun times!Photo: Too much super hero fun for this little one!Photo: