29 Photos - Apr 14, 2008
Photo: Hanging out in front of the house. Reminiscent of my bright yellow childhood home that opened up so you could see all the rooms.Photo: Happy to spend the weekend with sunny!Photo: Made some new friends.Photo: new friends who have interesting hat choices.Photo: wishing it weren't raining.Photo: triplets.Photo: the "little miss sunshine" view of some buddies.Photo: Our new friend Hannah!Photo: Playin' skip bo with sunny and her mom.Photo: Met my new friend, Three.Photo: Had dinner with Krysta but couldn't resist kissin' my man. The waitress saw us and put up the menu to block us from the other diners...calling us "indecent". hrmphh...indecent, my foot (if I had a foot).Photo: Heard Chad James + Ginny Owens in concert. Sat with Carolyna, Erin, Eleanor and Hannah K.Photo: Then Anna wanted to kiss my man. Since I couldn't take her in a fight, I let the kissin' happen.Photo: Went to church on Sunday. Tried to fill out the registration form for ourselves, but it just didn't work. Then we heard about Ignition - the youth service for Matchbox Ministries and hurried downstairs to get a good seat.Photo: First checked out the poster the "Iron Fist Concert". hmm..I suppose if I'd actually faced the poster, I could have read more of the information.Photo: OOOOHHHH a coffee bar?! Time to peruse our beverage options.Photo: Yep... big grin for the mocha latte! yumm.Photo: Time to find a front row seat for Ignition!Photo: Checking out the worship band. You can now call me a groupie. They rocked!Photo: Hiding in the shadows as we sing along with the band.Photo: Ooops...you caught us dancing to "I am free!!"Photo: Thought we'd try some ministry work...and wanted to learn the lighting board..but it was too hard.Photo: So we ran the computer during the service. After all, it's "just" pressing the space bar.Photo: We liked Bryan Roe's message where he shared his story...and told us how we could share our story too. However, Mr. Roe, we don't want to be that close to you!Photo: That's a bit better. sayyyy CHEESE!!!!Photo: The lighting guy seemed to like carrying around the youth pastor.Photo: Awww....krysta and seth. Adorable.Photo: Here are Jessy + Kalette - our hosts for the morning.Photo: I worked out with Sunny at the gym after church. We both needed some cool ice water and a magazine to help us relax after such a busy day. the end.