16 Photos - Jul 11, 2011
Photo: Downtown Kampala, UgandaPhoto: the mighty White Nile!Photo: We met Pilgrim (right) in Gulu, Uganda where he joined us a cycled with us to Juba.Photo: But woe we were dirty, the Catholic priests gave us tea.Photo: The road to South Sudan was dusty. We got dusty.Photo: clean feet vs dusty legsPhoto: South Sudanese food - bread mashed into onion and cheese and this cornmeal stuff. You eat it with your hands.Photo: Southern Sudanese childPhoto: fifty years of civil warPhoto: the future of South SudanPhoto: paved road!!!!!!!!!!!Photo: this man bicycled with us. he was going to border to pick up his brother's remains. #awkwardPhoto: Juba has more large flags per square car than else in the world.Photo: butcher shop, Juba, South SudanPhoto: Juba has very few sewage and water mainsPhoto: Southern Peoples Liberation Army