7 Photos - Nov 28, 2011
Photo: Standing at the east end of the sidewalk at 7th Ave NE, looking west along NE 115th St toward 5th Ave NE.Photo: This is a close-up of the planting strip at the east end of the sidewalk.  The puddle is one of two locations for trees.Photo: Looking west toward the intersection of NE 115th St and 5th Ave NE.  In order to keep the large existing trees in the right-of-way, the sidewalk was made 6' wide and directly next to the road.Photo: Looking east.  Here the sidewalk moves away from the street to make room for a planting strip.  SDOT will plant two trees in the near future.Photo: Seattle Public Utilities added a new storm drain to handle the water which will run along the curb.Photo: Looking east down NE 115th St from the west side of 5th Ave NE.Photo: Standing at the bus stop across 5th Ave NE.