15 Photos - Jun 3, 2012
Photo: Fianna in a dress borrowed from Georgia.Photo: The Gunn Clan, which includes the Wilsons, marches in Opening Ceremonies. Ahead are the Wilson Girls.Photo: Fianna, Georgia and CharlottePhoto: Georgia & FiannaPhoto: Georgia, Fianna & CharlottePhoto: FiannaPhoto: Fianna and JB watch the TWicked TinkersPhoto: Fianna in her new Tinkers shirtPhoto: Charlotte & G hanging out by the Gordon Setters while everyone watches the TinkersPhoto: Fianna plays some drums for the TinkersPhoto: Liam shares his bouncers with Fianna. They both have their Tinker "Wallop the Cat" shirts on.Photo: JB & Fianna Watch the TinkersPhoto: The Wicked Tinkers (from the side)Photo: Georgia watches the Wicked TinkersPhoto: The Wicked Tinkers (from the back)