Photo: Every time we have large waves, I try and get a shot of this rock, but it always looks un-impressive.  This time I didn't try and get the whole splash.  When the waves aren't big, we swim out to this rock and jomp off of it.
Photo: Me down by the tide pools.  I've spent a lot of time here diving, taking photos, camping out.  Marineland of the Pacific used to by up on the bluff to the left.
Photo: The trial up from what we call "Cardiac Hill."  Didn't seem too bad today, but I wasn't wearing a wet suit and 80 pounds of scuba gear.
Photo: Everyone has their local swimming hole - this is ours.  I used to go down here all the time and do diving or just swim out to the big rock in the cove to jump off of it.
Photo: Some of the terrain around where I grew up.
Chuck Uebele
Some of the terrain around where I grew up.
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