12 Photos - Jun 10, 2016
Photo: Chris arranged a day tour of Mt. Etna for us. The 11,000 foot mountain is close to Catania, where we stayed. It's an active volcano. The tour took us to a recent lava flow, seen above.Photo: A view of one of the many craters on the mountain. Lava spews from the mountain during an eruption, creating a crater.Photo: Lava flows are lifeless for approximately 20 years, but eventually plants start to grow on them.Photo: Another view of a crater.Photo: Atop one of the craters, Mt. Etna.Photo: Plant life starting to take hold in one of the lava fields.Photo: Sign marking the lava flow from the 2001 eruptionPhoto: Our tour group put on hard hats to visit one of the caves created by a lava flow. The mountain is riddled with caves created by gaps in the flows.Photo: Another huge lava flow on EtnaPhoto: Lizard amidst the volcanic rockPhoto: An eruption on Etna in 1992 threatened the town of Zafferano Etnea, about 12 miles north of Catania. The lava flow stopped just short of the town, in a farmer's field. The town erected this monument to the Virgin Mary in thanksgiving for the lava stopping short. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zafferana_EtneaPhoto: Chris, standing at the point where the lava stopped flowing during the 1992 eruption