15 Photos - Jun 2, 2016
Photo: Three of us - me, Chris, and my old friend Frank from childhood days in Florida - hopped on a train and took the half hour ride from Bologna to Modena.Photo: First cool thing we saw in Modena - two golden retrievers playing in a fountain in front of the Ducal Palace.

The palace is huge but not that interesting, not even worth a picture. But these two beauties sure were.Photo: Modena Sinagoga on Piazza Mazzini. The Jewish community in Modena dates back to exiled Jews who escaped Giralda, Spain during the Spanish Inquisition.Photo: Modena Duomo, side viewPhoto: Mosaics in dome, Modena DuomoPhoto: Another dome with cool mosaics of 12 sheep. Opposite side, there's a third dome with a mosaic of the Last Supper.Photo: Ancient fresco, Modena DuomoPhoto: Tombstone of Gundeberga, "a good and noble woman," died in 570, in Modena DuomoPhoto: Sculpture on the lectern, Modena DuomoPhoto: Wall in side chapel, Modena DuomoPhoto: Icons, Modena DuomoPhoto: Pillar support, Modena DuomoPhoto: Lion in front of Modena DuomoPhoto: Front view, Modena DuomoPhoto: Signs at a gelateria, Modena