10 Photos - May 28, 2016
Photo: There's a story behind these photos. Chris was suffering from back and neck issues and needed deep tissue massage. This proved to be very difficult to find in Bologna. We finally found a guy, Fabio Villari, a serious triathlete who worked at a tennis club out by the airport who did this kind of massage. He was terrific, by the way.

I went along to interpret as Fabio speaks no English and Chris speaks very little Italian.

Chris went for two massages. On the second one, Fabio got the information he needed rather quickly and asked me if I wanted to try "beach tennis." I said "never heard of it." He sent me out, into the (indoor) tennis court which as you can see had sand floors. Two guys were hitting tennis balls across the net.I watched for a while, and then one of them called me over and started showing me how you play.Photo: Learning to hit with the racquet up rather than hitting across like you do in regular tennisPhoto: You really expect me to play this game?Photo: Yep, guess soPhoto: Hit UP, not acrossPhoto: Oops, looks like "across"Photo: Getting the hang of it, kind ofPhoto: YEAH! Good shot!Photo: Running around in the sand sure works up an appetite. NEED MORE TORTELLINI.Photo: Success! I made it through my first beach tennis lesson!