24 Photos - May 27, 2016
Photo: For a two day trip out of Bologna, we rented a car, and headed  to Maranello, the home of Ferrari. Shell mounted at the entrance to the Ferrari Museum.Photo: We took the "factory tour." It's not like the factory tour of Boeing, where you walk the factory floor and get to see how they build jets. Instead, they drive you around on a bus and you get to see the outside of the factory. So, not so great.

The wind tunnel designed by Renzo Piano is pretty cool, though.Photo: The entrance to the Ferrari plant.Photo: Back to the museum, where they have a bunch of race cars on display.Photo: Photo: This was kind of cool - it's a little gym they use to train the drivers who race for Ferrari.Photo: Ferrari engine on displayPhoto: Another Ferrari modelPhoto: From "red and fine" to "bread and wine." We drove to Milan, stayed the night, and then got up in the morning to see DaVinci's Last Supper at Santa Marie delle Grazie.Photo: Crucifixion by Donato Montorfano, on the wall opposite the Last SupperPhoto: Model tram at the DaVinci National Museum of Science and Technology. Great museum, by the way.Photo: Rome Pantheon model at the DaVinci National Museum of Science and TechnologyPhoto: Leonardo's anatomical sketchbooks at the DaVinci National Museum of Science and TechnologyPhoto: Model from one of DaVinci's drawingsPhoto: Another model from one of DaVinci's drawingsPhoto: Glider modeled from one of DaVinci's drawingsPhoto: Kids at the DaVinci Museum. There were many.Photo: We headed towards downtown Milan. St. Maurizio's was on the way. It was open and we popped in to have a look. Here's the phenomenal chapel.Photo: St. Maurizio's, Hall of NunsPhoto: St. Maurizio's, organ in the Hall of NunsPhoto: Made it to Milan Cathedral, where Chris and I dropped off our friend Roger ...Photo: ... and went to lunch in an elegant little bar. Notice that the other patrons are so much better dressed than we were.Photo: We walked around fancy pants shops like this one.Photo: And thought about having some cake.