19 Photos - May 22, 2016
Photo: This is a trullo, and we stayed in it for a night in Alberobello. I saw a picture of trulli bout 25 years ago and have wanted to come to this part of Italy ever since to check them out. For more about trulli, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trullo.Photo: Me, in front of our trullo guest housePhoto: And in front of our neighbor's placePhoto: As you can see, there are many trulli in Alberobello, around 2,000 or so.Photo: Another view of the trulli of AlberobelloPhoto: Chris and I at a spot overlooking the districts of Alberobello where the trulli are.Photo: Just me, same view :-)Photo: This is a double trullo that they call the Trullo Siamese.Photo: ... and the trullo church.Photo: Looking down on the town from the trulli district.Photo: Yeah, weird picture, I just liked the name of the restaurant. Also, you can see every structure in Alberobello is not a trullo, they are only in certain historic parts of the town.Photo: This is the Trullo Sovrano, one of the largest trulli in Alberobello and one of the only ones that have two stories.Photo: Alberobello rooftops.Photo: I took this on a shopping trip. Chris has a tradition of buying little houses from all over the world. He puts them out during the holidays as his Christmas Village. We were certainly not going to leave Alberobello without a trullo for the village.Photo: Pretty cool mini-trullo. (Chris did not by this one, it was just a little too big to bring home.)Photo: I took this picture after we left Alberobello and were on the road to Matera. There are trulli all over the countryside in that part of Puglia. We stopped to look at this one.Photo: Vacation photos would not be complete without a picture of our rental Toyota (yawn)Photo: Olive tree, stone wall, so typically of what you see in this part of Italy. The stone walls dotting the countryside are really very beautiful.Photo: ... as are the poppies you see all over the countryside. They're red in Italy, not orange like we have in California, but same idea.