23 Photos - May 22, 2016
Photo: Walking around the Alfama District where we stayed in LisbonPhoto: View of Lisbon from the Alfama DistrictPhoto: Se Cathedral, LisbonPhoto: Chris on our walk around the Alfama DistrictPhoto: We stopped at a hotel with a big outdoor patio and a fabulous view to grab a cup of coffee. Lisbon rooftops with the Tagus River in the background.Photo: Lisbon's copy of the Golden Gate Bridge, a suspension bridge crossing the Tagus.Photo: Tram going through the Alfama District. The tram is picturesque but it was always packed with tourists and super slow, like our cable cars. So we didn't bother taking it (also like our cable cars).Photo: Walking up from the train station to the monuments in SintraPhoto: Sintra walkPhoto: We took a day trip out to Sintra, about a half an hour by train in the hills outside of Lisbon. It's where the royals used to spend their summers.Photo: One of the big attractions in Sintra is the Pena Palace, a crazy place built by one of the royals in the 1800s. The royals lived there until 1889 when it was purchased by the state. It eventually became a national monument.Photo: Vista from the Pena PalacePhoto: Walking around the rooftop, Pena PalacePhoto: Well, you knew if I saw something I was going to have to climb it...Photo: The hills and the Atlantic Ocean from the Pena PalacePhoto: Chris at the Pena Palace. The walls in the palace are decorated with pretty ceramic tiles, like much of LisbonPhoto: Scary dude - ornamentation at the Pena PalacePhoto: Pretty view of the hills from the Pena PalacePhoto: Beautiful or garish? You decide.Photo: Clock tower next to the chapel, Pena Palace.Photo: View back down the hills from the Pena Palace. I took this picture out of a window in the Palace - the person whose bedroom this was actually got to look out at this view every morning.Photo: Kitchen, Pena PalacePhoto: We shared a tuk tuk down the hill back into the town of Sintra. Fun ride. One of our fellow passengers took this.