Photo: Grrrrr... I hope you're not even thinking about patting me right now. Because to be honest, I'm just not in the mood. Hey! Don't even look at me like that, human! Incidentally, how's your arm from yesterday? I hope it didn't hurt too much. By the way, where's my dinner! Grrrrr...
Photo: What? Was that a bird? An insect? What's that over there? Is that a dog at the front gate? I'm not sure about those new people that moved in over the road! Hey! Did you just flinch a little bit? There are a lot of things around to be wary of you know!
Photo: Yes, yes... I say, human... please ensure you empty my litter tray, replacing those horrid crystals with fresh rose petals, refill my water bowl (only with spring water sourced from the Swiss Alps of course), and stroke my fur in a head to tail direction... pronto!
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