19 Photos - May 1, 2013
Photo: Shopping for the girls at NEXT Fosse Park, Leicester.Photo: NEXT isn't usually a destination store when shopping for the girls but we have regularly picked up bits over the years.Photo: As NEXT head office is here in my home town and as Biba has been modelling since she was a baby, she has worked for them many, many times over the last 11 years.Photo: The children's department is right at the back of this two level 'out of town' store. We visited at 1pm on a Saturday afternoon. The main store was not busy but the children's dept...Photo: Despite the size of the collection. Both girls and boys wear from birth to 12 years, the children's department feels cramped and over stocked.Photo: I counted how many people were also shopping for their children. 5... but that felt like 5 too many. The isles are cramped with not enough room to easily shop with a pushchair.Photo: The volume of stock and lack of space is quite overwhelming but once we zoned the screaming kids out we were able to focus on the great pieces in the range.Photo: The store features a great range of shoes and sandals but again rammed in and not merchandised to show any of them to their advantage.Photo: There seemed to be a full range of sizes out on the shop floor. Nothing bigger than an age 12 though (despite the collection being advertised as up to 16 yrs).Photo: Parts of the collection, this playsuit for example are lovely. Well priced at £19 for the age 12 size but lost amongst the badly laid out store.Photo: Younger girls clothing had it's own dedicated area. the main isle was slightly wider but it was the only one.Photo: Who could possibly resist an I Love Mummy T?!Photo: The little stuff is pretty cute.Photo: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this geeky giraffe playsuit. Available in sizes from 3mths to 6 years.Photo: A great range of basic jeans and T's but again only up to 12 years.Photo: When we went to pay for our booty, it was around 1.30pm on a Saturday but there was only one member of staff on the tills. There wasn't a queue but we did hang around a bit longer than was acceptable (due to the queue forming behind us) as the one member of staff jiggled coat hangers in a bag.Photo: The till area was a mess. Piles of hangers and clothes that needed returning to the shop floor. I know that I was been overly observant but the mess was really bad. It looked sloppy and as the store wasn't actually that busy the staff should have been on top of it.Photo: But what did we come home with? For Betty - Denim playsuit £19.Photo: And Biba - Beautiful floral print dress £21.