26 Photos - Jul 23, 2012
Photo: My hubby and I headed to Walmart to check out purchasing some items for our Simple Service project as well as picking up some items for the hot weekend.Photo: I was looking forward to the Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Opportunity.Photo: I picked up an ad to check out what is on sale or on special.Photo: Hot summer essentials were the first thing I sort of bumped into rounding the corner with my cart.Photo: I headed to the pizza and Ice cream section to pick up a few essentials for the weekend.  Love it when the aisle is all mine.Photo: I love sherbet because it is lite and so refreshing.  I decided to check out a few brands I have not tried before.Photo: Dave wanted Pizza, usually we buy Tombstone so I thought I would check out a few different brands here too.Photo: I know the kids love DiGiorno but to me it is 'expensive'  for the amount you actually get.Photo: I love California Pizza Kitchen but it is way overpriced for sure.Photo: I made my way to the tooth paste aisle, oh my forgive this picture, the aisle became packed while I was there.  I found the adult Spinbrush section but where was the kids?Photo: Lots for the adults to choose from, nice large assortment in my Walmart.Photo: I was thinking of picking up some floss too, lots of brand name as well as off brand to pick from.Photo: I see the Arm & Hammer for adults, this is already a tooth paste we purchase.Photo: There is a lot of battery operated tooth brushes, I have never really noticed all of the different brands.    Wow $104.96 I wonder what it does?Photo: Hmm, okay I must be in the wrong area, should pick up some dental floss for the family.Photo: I was trying to remember if little kids use floss, or more importantly when do they start flossing?Photo: Okay I found the kids area, looks like there is a lot of products to choose from.  The little kids were mesmerized by this section.Photo: Look how cute these are, blue for boys and pink for girls.  141 stickers inside.  Love the packaging.  So bright.Photo: Oh I see they can add the stickers on the brush.  My daughter and boys would of loved adding their names.Photo: I decided to really do a bit of comparison shopping before I picked up my items.Photo: I have never tried one of these myself and was thinking I should pick one up and give it a try.  I love the packaging, lots of great information on the front, very clearly laid out.Photo: It can actually be a bit overwhelming trying to figure out what toothbrush to pick up for all the family members.Photo: Some like soft toothbrushes some firm.  I was sort of spinning around with all the commotion.Photo: Whiter teeth in 7 days, think I will give it a try.Photo: I started loading the cart and thought this was a good amount to start out with donating.Photo: