34 Photos - Jul 6, 2011
Photo: Washington County Colorado tornado warned cellPhoto: Chasing a Tornado vortex storm in Morgan County ColoradoPhoto: Chasing a severe warned cell today in rural Elbert County ColoradoPhoto: Gust front outside of Agate Colorado from storm chasing todayPhoto: Another shot of the gust front from storm chasing todayPhoto: After a full day of shooting at Brainard Lake of Moose and landscapes with +Kat Dennis and +Shiloh Pfeiffer we were treated to a very amazing thunderstorm that had moved out from the Colorado Rockies and on to the plains and metro Denver. Exiting Brainard Lake we found a spot that overlooked the distant city of Longmont and got to work shooting. It was happening so fast with the lightning that I honestly couldn't even keep up. It seemed each and every second so many lightning strikes went on. This was a hard shoot though as it was VERY dark and I had to let my eyes adjust to it in order to try and set up the composition...otherwise I would be shooting in the dark, literally. In the end I chose to try and frame the forest some and the lightning glowing the clouds above it.

Hope you all like it

JohnPhoto: "Dirt Roads & Severe Thunderstorms"

It is severe storm season in Colorado and that means awesome photo opportunities! Yesterday myself and +David Kingham decided to go storm chasing in BFE southeast Colorado. Let me tell you guys, there is a LOT of nothing out here at all and I mean nothing....you can see as far as possible. This was shot around the Comanche National Grasslands and unknown to us at the time, tornado warned. We debated about driving into it but thought the wiser of it as Dave's data signal pretty much went adios with no coverage. Not uncommon way out here. It's a good thing we didn't...high precip cells are a pain and dangerous unless you know what you are driving into first. I wimped out with this shot as I was just saying to David, "I am not getting out of the car to shoot this, lightning scares the heck out of me". Not 30 seconds later it was cracking right above us. A lot fun and what an awesome time!

#cowx #weather #weatherphotos #hdrphotography #HDR #nature #naturephotography #natureartthursday #sky #ruralthursday #travelthursday #landscape #landscapephoto #ColoradoPhoto: Captured this evening with +Kat Dennis out by Denver International Airport.Photo: Captured last night out by Denver International Airport :)Photo: Captured this week outside of Denver International AirportPhoto: Just captured a little bit ago tonight ...what a storm!Photo: Captured last Sunday evening with +Kat Dennis and +Shiloh Pfeiffer I am anxious to get back up to Lookout Mountain again this evening for some more storm action photography. The view from up here is just amazing overlooking the entire Denver metro area.Photo: "Skylight" I am a sucker for storm photography, I absolutely love photographing it and seeing a large storm at night from the mountains here in Colorado isn't exactly a very common sight to witness. So goes this storm. A stunning supercell which was moving out of the Colorado Rockies and onto the plains this past summer. It was happening so quick that I honestly had a hard time keeping up with all the lightning flashes. I can't wait until this coming spring and summer when I get to photograph it all over again!

#PlusPhotoExtract #POTD #photography #nature #Colorado #stormPhoto: "Severe Storms On The Plains" Captured just south of the town of Otis, Colorado this storm had our attention, and this cloud specifically had mine. Quite the rainmaker and looking like something out of a Hollywood movie more than something you see in real life. Soon after this we would be in Otis and the tornado sirens started to go off. Talk about a feeling of being in the movie "Twister" in some little rural farm town when that happens, not to mention a complete adrenalin rush....

#Colorado #cowx #POTD#PlusPhotoExtract #photoPhoto: "Into The Storm"--- The Eastern plains of Colorado outside of Crook, Colorado. Chasing severe and tornado warned thunderstorms out here in the middle of no where is quite an adventure. I am rather shocked this shot even turned out as we were trucking at 80+ mph at the time. That rainbow had quite the pot of gold too in the form of some of my favorite clouds, Mammatus clouds which are often very much associated with very severe or tornadic thunderstorms. Hitting this storm right at great light in golden hour was just an added bonus!
I hope you all like it!

#SkySunday #Colorado #nature #tornado #cowx #landscpae #naturePhoto: "Cyclonic" A little story about this shot. We were actually not storm chasing when I shot this but rather going to shoot a large field of wild sunflowers I had heard about which turned out to be rather bunk. Mother nature however wasn't going to let us down and instead gave us one of the most amazing messocyclone supercell thunderstorms I have ever seen. Photographed closed to Denver International Airport early this past August, it did eventually go tornado warned. What a scene this was, like a giant wave or shelf coming right at you.

#SkySunday #Colorado #nature #tornado #cowx #landscpae #naturePhoto: "Sunflowers & Thunderstorms"--- This is quite an older shot, well a couple years ago...and honest to God above, this was utterly amazing....I can't really find the wards to describe the whole scene to you all but I will try my best.

I had to handhold this, shooting several exposures for HDR as my knee was totally kaput at the time, so using a tripod was pretty much out of the question, however that isn't the only reason...as we were shooting this evening, the lightning was all over the place, and well there were times when I wanted to grab it and try, but thought better of it lol Tripods make for great Lightning conductors! lol

The clouds were just insane, and I mean really crazy, this storm went severe dropping reports of funnel clouds to the north east of us and hail as well. It passed over our heads, but sure made for some utterly incredible atmospheric shots!

So you take that, a Sunflower field the size of a small state, the sunset, a country road, and the foothills and mountains as a backdrop, and friends, you have quite a scene you will NEVER forget!

Hope ya all like it!

#photography #potd #PlusPhotoExtract #SkySunday #landscape #nature #cowx #sky #HDRPhoto: "Summer Rains" This is my entry into today's #SkySunday Captured on the eastern plains of Colorado at sunset, this supercell storm was quite a sight to watch come at us with how the how color of sky went totally gold and orange is it reflected against the sunset. I was hoping to get some lighting happening too but at times it was just to risky to be out in the open with a tripod. (great lightning conductors!) It was just a very beautiful scene and one I am very thankful to have captured.

I hope you all like it

#Colorado #cowx #weather #landscape #sky #Sunset #PlusPhotoExtract #POTDPhoto: "Night Storms"

I thought that i would go ahead and share this shot with you all before I go to climb back into bed. Not feeling the best today at all, have an appointment next week with my Pulmonologist and need to discuss a few things with him as it relates to my health. If I am up to it later I will be back around. Thanks all! .

This is my entry into today's #LongExposureThursday curated by +Le Quoc and +Francesco Gola It was shot overlooking Golden, Colorado and Denver metro looking east over the plains. That storm was quite a ways out there but made for some great strikes at times. I am really looking forward to getting back up here come springtime to get some more storm and lightning shots, just a massive view of wide open space...great spot to photograph it all.

I hope you all like it
---JohnPhoto: "Lightning Over Denver II"

My entry into today's #skysunday theme.
Colorado thunderstorms are beautiful things and a great spot to photograph them is from atop of Lookout Mountain in Golden. Here you can see the entire metropolitan area of Denver and all the way out on to the eastern plains. Quite the vantage point and view to say the least and I know that I am really looking forward to getting back up here once again this coming spring & summer to be able to photograph it all once again.
I hope you all like it.

#plusphotoextract #Colorado #nature #weather #cowx #lightningPhoto: "Severe Skies"

This is my entry in to today's #fridaygetaway photo theme hosted by +Gary Crabbe 

Captured last spring while storm chasing on the eastern plains of Colorado in Morgan County in the middle of no where. The storm we were on had become tornado warned and judging from the look of that sky which was in front of us you can pretty much take a guess why. Black as the night, one of the darkest storm skies I had ever seen. We decided to not go any farther ahead as we were on a dirt road and the last thing you want to do is be stuck in mud among a tornado warned storm. Not to mention that nobody is out here at all, all open range. I am honestly looking forward to getting back out here again this spring with my camera!

#Colorado #photoplusextract #weather #cowx #travel #tornado #naturePhoto: "Skies Of Energy"

Lightning. I do believe I am in love with photographing it. Ok, perhaps just storms in general. There is something about witnessing the sheer power of nature feeling completely little in the process. It is awe inspiring and humbling. I captured this photo from the entrance of Brainard Lake Recreation Area outside of Ward, Colorado, the lights that you see are the city of Boulder. This storm went severe and wreaked some havoc. I have never seen another storm that gave off so much lightning as this one did. I honestly had a hard time just keeping up with the flashes. Not to much longer though and storm season will be here again and I for one am getting very excited about it!

#plusphotoextract #longexposurethursday #landscape #Colorado #cowx #storm #nature #lightningPhoto: Backroad Thunderstorms
It is getting to be that time of the year again here in Colorado when the eastern plains and Nebraska panhandle start to light up in the afternoons with severe thunderstorms. In fact, this weekend is looking rather good for chasing! I captured this last spring south of Limon, Colorado in rural Elbert county, Colorado. The town of Limon has quite the tornado history of it's own. On June 6, 1990 an EF3 touched down and devastated the city. For this shot, we were in "who knows where" no where..chasing a tornado warned storm when we decided to stop the car and get a few shots. I tell ya, that sky was completely eerie and very ominous looking. Probably best we decided to not drive into it after hearing it put down hail larger than baseballs. Yeah, that will take out a windshield and make your car look like the surface of the moon quick! lol
I hope you all like it

#stormyfriday #landscape #sky #nature #weather #cowx #hdr #hdrphotography #plusphotoextractPhoto: "The Calm Along The Storm"
Washington County, Colorado
As a day of storm chasing was coming to end (yeah, not about to night chase, no thank you) we witnessed an amazing display of light watching a severe supercell thunderstorm against the setting sun. The storm had been tornado warned and we were watching it move to the north towards Sterling, Colorado when everything just happened. An incredible orange glow with lightning around us and thunder. It just goes to show that even when mother nature is at her most furious that there is still beauty to be found in it....

#skysunday curated by +Randy Scherkenbach & +Patrick Scherkenbach 
#Colorado #stormysunday #landscape #landscapephotography #nature #naturephotography #sky #weather #cowx #hdr #hdrphotography #hdrphotographersPhoto: "Thunderstruck"
Photo thoughts--- I am REALLY getting the itch for some storm photography at night. This spring here in Colorado which is usually very active hasn't especially been and it is been all to quiet. I am really hankering for some night time lightning shots bad. This was shot last summer with a storm outside of Brainard Lake, Colorado that was extremely active and creating so much lightning I couldn't keep up. Mother nature is something to watch and it sure can name you feel small at times, I tell ya....

#skysunday curated by +Patrick Scherkenbach & +Randy Scherkenbach 
#squaresunday curated by +Matt Soave 
#landscape #landscapephoto #landscapephotography #colorado #nature #naturephotography #weather #weatherphotos #lightningPhoto: "Strike A Wave"
What can I really say? Yesterday was completely epic to say the least! Myself and +David Kingham headed out to the eastern plains of Colorado to chase and photograph severe thunderstorms and let me tell you, it was absolutely amazing! This was photographed NW of the town of Merino as the evening was starting to die down, at least for us. For the storms? It was just getting started! Check out that shelf cloud...crazy stuff. I took about 1500 shots yesterday, so I will be busy for quite some time. I have some amazing and incredible images to share with you all. Stuff that is going to have you all saying "you guys are nuts! I would be in the basement!" lol So stay tuned!

#cowx #weather #weatherphotos #stormyfriday curated by +Reinhard Latzke #nature #naturephotography #lightning #sky #colorado #colorsonfriday curated by +Gilmar Smith +E.E. Giorgi #frighteningfriday curated by +Alexis Coram #longexposure #longexposurephotography #exposedphoto #plusphotoextract #photoplusextract #photo #photographyPhoto: "Under Hell's Roof"
Photo thoughts--- This past Wednesday myself and +David Kingham headed out to the eastern plains for incredible day of storm chasing and photography. We both came away with so many photos it may take us literally months to process them all. This is one of the shots I have processed so far. Photographed in rural Logan county, Colorado we would stay with and follow this storm through several counties. I have always been very apprehensive of shooting with my tripod under the canopy of severe thunderstorms for obvious reasons so for this shot I decided to use my Sony's a550 high speed burst mode of 10fps and just go to town hoping I would get some lightning and yep! Got it! What you are looking at here is Mammatus clouds off to the far left and a shelf cloud above the lightning. What a scene it was and boy have I ever got a LOT of shots to share with you all. Stay tuned!

#skysunday curated by +Randy Scherkenbach +Patrick Scherkenbach 
#colorado #cowx #nature #naturephotography #landscape #landscapephotography #sundaysubtlelandscapes #lightning #thunderstorm #storm #plusphotoextract #photoplusextractPhoto: "The Race To The Storm"
Photo thoughts--- I can't leave well alone enough with not posting more photographs from this past Wednesday's storm chase on the eastern plains of Colorado! Sometimes you don't have time to stop to get the shot with storm chasing for your target with an intercept to get close to the action is top priority and as we started to crest a hill on a country dirt road in "bfe" Washington county, Colorado I fired off a few shots through the windshield hoping my polarizer would kill the glare get what I was after. I think I got what I was after! It is like the road that leads you into the mouth of hell and boy, it delivered the goods!

#skysunday #cowx #nature #travel #naturephotography #landscape 
#landscapephoto #landscapephotography #colorado #weather #weatherphotos #cloud #rural #countrysunday #country #sky #cloudphotos #exposedphoto #plusphotoextract #photoplusextract #photography #photoPhoto: "Storms Of Logan County"
Photo thoughts--- I literally just processed this shot a moment ago from our storm chase this past Thursday on the eastern plains of Colorado. I was hoping to get some lightning out of these clouds and while it keep producing it, it eluded my camera. Couldn't stand long as my back was completely screwed but I made the most of it while I could. Standing on some county farm road close to a few other chasers who also were photographers, we watched this severe warned cell move to the NE and towards the city of Sterling, Colorado. I loved the way the sunset was showing it's dying color against the luminescence of the sky...areas of utterly dark meeting areas of brightness. It was something to see and photograph!
#naturemonday curated by +Rolf Hicker 
#moodymonday curated by +Philip Daly 
#colorado #landscape #landscapephotography #nature #naturephotography #cowx #cloud #cloudpoker #sky #weather #weatherphotos #photoplusextract #plusphotoextract #exposedphotoPhoto: "When The Skies Speak"
Photo thoughts--- There is something to be said about the light which happens on the backside of severe thunderstorms. Often times it can bring about some of the most dramatic light I have ever witnessed. This was shot while storm chasing outside the Colorado eastern plains town of Brush. The clouds were absolutely insane and we stopped to just watch the Mammatus clouds dance above us. It was pretty amazing. Amazing the show which mother nature can put on, I tell ya.

#tonemaphdrtuesday curated by +Drew Pion & +Stephanie Suratos 
#hdr #hdrphotography #colorado #cowx #landscape #landscapephotography #nature #naturephotography #sky #storm #cloud #cloudpoker #weather #weatherphotos #rural #country #countryside #sunset #exposedphoto #plusphotoextract #photoplusextractPhoto: "Rainbows, Farmland and Thunderstorms"
Photo Thoughts-- Wasn't really expecting a rainbow while storm chasing last week out on the Colorado eastern plains but heck I sure will take it and won't complain! lol I intentionally wanted the irrigation sprinkler in the shot for a sense of scale but also go beyond a simple landscape and into a travelscape style photograph..so I went ahead and tried to work it into the overall composition and wanted a leading line that went sort of right where the rainbow ended.
Hope you all like it!

#stormyfriday curated by +Reinhard Latzke 
#colorsonfriday curated by +Gilmar Smith +E.E. Giorgi 
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#nature #naturephotography #sky #clouds #cloudpoker #storm #cowx #rainbow #weather #weatherphotos #exposedphoto #plusphotoextract #photoplusextractPhoto: "Horses In the Storm"
Photo thoughts--- While storm chasing on the eastern plains of Colorado this past spring, we happened upon this scene. I imagine that these Horses are quite used to this sort of weather out here where the afternoons showcase some of the most violent weather on earth. It was pretty amazing really to see them all standing out here in ranch land backed up by a severe thunderstorm that was heading towards them. It certainly made for quite the dramatic scene and one needless to say I had to photograph.
Fine art prints available of this photograph http://www.redbubble.com/people/kkart/works/9239504-horses-in-the-storm

+Breakfast Art Club  #breakfastartclub  +Breakfast Club  #breakfastclub  +CloudPoker  #cloudpoker  +Weather and Natural Forces  #weatherandnaturalforces   #plusphotoextract   #photoextractplus   #exposedphoto   #colorado  Photo: Horses In The Storm B&W
Photo thoughts--- You can see the color version here on G+ which I posted a few days ago https://plus.google.com/103586615087663445665/posts/XxmzP95MJNc This is one of the first photos I processed using Nik Silver Efex 2.0 since purchasing it and so far I am liking it!  It really gives it a different looks and feel than the color version. Photographed while chasing a severe thunderstorm on the eastern plains of Colorado.

+Give me your best shot #BestShot  #bestshot 
#plusphotoextract   #photoextractplus  +NatureArtThursday  #natureartthursday  +NATURE PHOTOGRAPHY  #naturephotography  Photo: "Red Shovel"
My contribution to the crazy Colorado weather & snow photos.
A man carries a red shovel in route to help others clean out after the recent snowstorm in Denver, Colorado.
It's kind of funny, I am not really known for taking these sorts of photographs but I do and I do quite often, I just don't share them often and maybe it's time I start perhaps? I just loved this whole scene, something about that dang red shovel and how it all just spoke of the moment ...

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