41 Photos - Oct 4, 2012
Photo: Champions for Kids has announced this month's SIMPLE Service Project - Help Them Thrive! Dial Into Giving with #DialCFK - The Boy and I have decided to hold a donation drive for children hygiene products to donate to either The Sanctuary House and/or The Rainbow Room!!Photo: I wanted to get some inspiration and find out a few facts about children's hygiene needs so I visited Champions for Kids to look at the Dial Into Giving Project Card. {dl.dropbox.com/u/40791709/Dial/SSP%20Cards%20-%20DIAL.pdf}

Did You Know?
According to the US Census, now over 1 in 5 children are living in poverty in the United States.
In 2011, the number of Americans receiving food stamps hit an all-time high at 46.2 million people – almost 15% of the country!
Food stamps cannot be used to buy soap, shampoo, or other basic household supplies necessary for good hygiene and healthy children.
Children often do not have the basic personal care items that they need to feel confident and successful at school.Photo: I decided to leave the boys at home for a quick trip to Walmart to get the supplies needed to start the donation drive. I emailed the church this afternoon to ask about notifying the congregation of our donation drive so I need to have a bucket for donations. I also wanted to pick up some Dial soaps to get the donations started!Photo: I checked with Hubby to find out what we needed at home and made a list with my handy dandy list app. He said (and I agreed) that we needed something pumpkin-y for dessert tonight. We also have a broken toilet so I needed to get one of those flushy thingies - what are those called?!!Photo: One other request from him - get back quick because the Presidential debates are on tonight!Photo: Just inside Walmart I saw not only pumpkins, but these adorable displays advertising Cinderella on DVD! I am so excited to see this again, but I have to convince Hubby that our boy will love it too. I might just have to sneak it in on the weekend. ;)Photo: Walmart is also (slightly) prepared for Breast Cancer Awareness Month with these bouquets just inside the door. I think the price is a little high actually and I wish they had put more emphasis on such an important cause.Photo: On the way to the Personal Care section of Walmart I found these fun Dial soap dispensers. Happy Halloween - Glow in the Dark - foam soap. Spooky!! :)Photo: The price is a little higher than I would have liked, but $2.47 for Halloween decor AND soap is not so bad. I'm pretty sure they are refillable so if I clean them out after Halloween I can reuse them next year.Photo: I headed for the soap aisle to see what Dial soap goodies I could find. I had heard that Dial soap was on Rollback and looking at the shelves I was not the only one who heard it!Photo: Dial Gold - this is how I remember soap in my childhood. I honestly don't think that I knew that other soaps existed when I was young. I knew there were other colors of Dial soap, but we only used the Gold!Photo: These 8-packs of Dial bar soap are an amazing deal at $3.97. There are a few scents to choose from, but I don't want to get too "fancy" with my donations. I know what it's like to be allergic to scents, especially when it comes to soaps.Photo: I like the Dial Naturals and Dial with AntiOxidants. The price is a little higher (per bar) but the benefits of the extra skin protection is important. We are heading into Fall and Winter when skin can get drier so this will be helpful for my donation drive.Photo: Hand soap pumps are so popular now and there are so many different brands and scents to choose from. Dial is always my go-to soap and it helps that it is usually the most affordable. You can tell by the shelves that it's pretty popular and Dial is stocked in the middle two rows just in the target area for eyes to catch it!Photo: I have not tried the Dial Complete antibacterial soap yet. The different shape of the bottle really catches the eye and I like the scents White Tea and Cranberry. Of all my allergies, I can usually handles tea scents and fruity scents. :)Photo: These hand soaps are adorable and on Rollback for $0.98 I can stock up at home AND my donation. I had set a budget of $25-30 for my kickstart donation so I'm grabbing a few of these...and letting everyone else know as well!Photo: Photo: It seems the Dial Gold in the hand pump is not as popular, but I'm sure it will go at only $0.98. I don't blame people for getting the "fancier" scents first. 
Just a side note - I mentioned that we only used Dial Gold when I was a child, but my dad was also a mechanic and we always had a bar of green Lava soap at home as well. I couldn't help but notice that sitting next to these Dial Gold soaps. Between Lava and Dial, my dad could wash off all the black grease from his work day. <3Photo: Some of the scents that have already been snatched up included Blackberry...Photo: Cherry Almond (I bet I would love this one!)...Photo: and Tangerine & Guava (sounds interesting)!Photo: I had to stop here and think about what I have picked up. I divided things up to think about how many people this would serve. I could go really crazy buying up all the different Dial soaps.Photo: As I was organizing my shopping cart, I noticed there were more Dial Gold bar soaps and some larger bodywash soaps on the bottom two shelves. This little section was a hodge podge of soaps and the prices were all mixed up. I don't know what was going on down there - maybe the store just went through a reset..?Photo: I hadn't even thought about Dial as bodywash until I saw these. They are on Rollback as well so I think I should go check further down the aisle.Photo: I also don't think I knew that Dial had a men's soap line. I had heard Dove for Men, but not Dial for Men. Hubby loves these soaps and I know my boy gets excited sometimes to use the "manly soap".Photo: Dial for Men has Hair & Body wash and bar soaps, as well as bodywash. I think I'll pick up one for Hubby and if he likes it, we will come back for some more for the donation drive. I know families with boys could really use this. It seems to me that if you were on a tight budget, you might not "treat" yourself to a "specialty soap" like this.Photo: I love that all of the Dial for Men bodywash is on Rollback right now - perfect timing for this Dial Into Giving campaign #DialCFKPhoto: And look at this bodywash section - who in the world would be able to decide what scent to buy from this?!! I had no idea that Dial made all of these! I'm a bar soap person, but most of my family uses bodywash and loofahs. With the dry skin weather coming, this may be a better idea for the donation drive. I wish I could buy two of every scent!!Photo: Just for comparison, I checked out the Equate brand and their bodywash is $2.97 as well. Same price, but not nearly as many scents and varieties!Photo: For large families, this larger bottle of Dial bodywash would be perfect!Photo: As I was leaving the aisle I noticed this huge bottle of hand soap refill for only $3.88. This is a great price and would be a huge donation for the children hygiene drive.Photo: I finally settled on a good variety of Dial soaps and this looks like it would serve quite a few children in need. I love the look on that pumpkin soap's face! :)Photo: I had to pick up the toilet flushy thingie and found out it is called the Flush Lever. I also found this pamplet made by Walmart "Projects Made Simple" - very handy!Photo: Looking for "something pumpkin-y" I had to snap a pic of these funky goards. The Boy and I need to make something with them..hmm.. Suggestions?!!Photo: I think this weekend we might get some baby pumpkins and paint pens. I love these cuties!Photo: Of course I had to look for something to collect the donations in and since the BIG GREEN TUB was so popular last month with #NickCFK, I couldn't resist this BIG ORANGE TUB for Fall colors and #DialCFK!!Photo: All checked out and back in the car by 6:51pm - that was a quick trip! I'm so excited to get this donation drive started now!!Photo: While Hubby watched the Presidential debates, this is what The Boy and I did. He found a spool of thread and wanted to "use it all" (4 year old talk for unroll it all). He was so excited to see the end of it, how could I resist...?Photo: You can help, too, by starting your own #DialCFK donation drive. It's fun, easy, and so rewarding! Get your kids involved and definitely take advantage of that $0.98 Rollback at Walmart right now!!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ {http://collectivebias.com} and Dial soaps {http://dialsoap.com/} #DialCFK #CBias #SocialFabric. All stories and opinions are my own.Photo: Come by my blog and read my post - Help Them Thrive! Children hygiene Donation Drive {Dial Into Giving Champions for Kids} #DialCFK #CBias - http://goingcrazywannago.com/2012/10/children-hygiene-donation-drive-dialcfk