31 Photos - Sep 16, 2012
Photo: The Eyes of Texas are Upon You!! #MascotWearPhoto: I spent the weekend at my sister's house in Conroe and she is keeping my boy for the week. On Sunday, I headed out to Walmart to pick up some football inspired gift bags for my niece, nephew, and my boy so they could have a football party!Photo: My family (including everyone in the extended family) loves football. This time of year there are signs everywhere of football, football, football!!Photo: Walmart in Conroe is having a huge Clearance and even these streamers make me think pep rally!!Photo: If I'm going to buy football gear, it's going to be Texas Longhorns or Dallas Cowboys. I found both in the men's department with the pj bottoms.Photo: College kids looking to decorate their dorm rooms would love this room decor. Of course, my niece and nephew would probably love it for their rooms, too.Photo: I NEED one of those lounge pillows with Texas Longhorns on them. This endcap of football gear is right up my alley!!Photo: Ick! I found some Texas A&M gear as well, hehe. I love that all of the teams are represented throughout the store.Photo: Of course, I am in Conroe (near Houston) so the Dallas Cowboys gear is definitely secondary to the Houston Texans. I think my sister's family cheers them on, but I just can't make myself buy it.Photo: Here it is - the inspiration to build the gift bags - MascotWear loofahs with Texas Longhorns' "BEVO"!! I am in LOVE with this display!!Photo: The loofahs were bursting off the endcap and everytime I tried to put one back up, three more fell down. I ended up scooping them up and putting them on the floor as close to the endcap as possible.Photo: MascotWear has loofahs for NCAA and NFL teams in your area too.Photo: These loofahs are only $3.47 so they make a great gift bag item. Grab a few more goodies for $1 each and you can easily have an inexpensive, yet totally fun gift bag!!Photo: I found the loofahs display just past the Cosmetics aisle at this Walmart.Photo: ...and just next to the Pet Supplies. The location was a little different, but the display is one of those things that just jumps out at you (almost literally with all of the falling loofahs) and you can't help but notice it.Photo: I checked the party aisle for some extra football goodies and found these fun cups...and they were all on Clearance!Photo: You can't have a party without candy, and at $0.98 they can each have their own favorite candies.Photo: I couldn't help but notice this Texas Longhorns pez dispenser along the checkout lines. I'm always happy to see "reasonably priced" items in the impulse buy sections.Photo: Football Game Time displays are all through Walmart with the football field stickers on the floor and pallets of chips, sodas, and "kick off" signage.Photo: I thought about picking up some NFL Snickers Minis, but the kids don't need that much chocolate. My sister and her husband are both eating healthy and this is way too tempting...but these NFL displays are so much fun!Photo: I picked up their favorite drinks and even the Dr. Pepper had football signage on it.Photo: I had to stop to make sure my gift bags would fit all of the goodies I bought. I found orange bags for $1 and they were perfect.Photo: Look at all the fun stuff I picked up. I found those huge erasers in Walmart's new Dollar Station. They are going to think the hot dog and ice cream are hilarious. My boy gets some fizzy tub colors for bathtime.Photo: This is the bag I put together for my boy.Photo: My nephew loves Coca-Cola and Whoppers, and I had to throw in the hot dog eraser.Photo: My niece, who says every meal has to end with ice cream, will get a kick out of the ice cream eraser.Photo: These cute little guys are ready to meet their new kids! Don't they look like they are watching out to see who is coming?! :)Photo: My sister took them home to the kids and they dug in right away. My niece and nephew get such a kick out of playing with my boy so they are loving that he is staying with them all week. My sister said they had fun digging through the bags and comparing their prizes.Photo: Everyone loves their #MascotWear Texas Longhorns loofahs. I wonder how they will keep them all apart in the shower...Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™ {http://collectivebias.com} and and Infinity Headwear and Apparel #MascotWear #CBias #SocialFabric. All stories and opinions are my own.Photo: Come by my blog and read my post - Football Fun with Texas Longhorns loofahs {Gift bags for kids with MascotWear } #MascotWear #CBias - http://goingcrazywannago.com/2012/09/football-fun-texas-longhorns-loofahs-mascotwear-cbias