26 Photos - Jun 11, 2012
Photo: I received a care package from @InDelight Mocha #IcedCoffee...yum!!Photo: This notepad was in my care package and @InDelight must know me well. I'm a huge notepad "nerd" and this will definitely come in handy.Photo: This product info sheet shows how two cartons of International Delight #IcedCoffee is equal for 16 coffees at $0.43 per serving versus one coffee house iced coffee for $3.95...HUGE savings!!Photo: My care package from International Delight. I can't wait to try their #IcedCoffee.Photo: Hubby and I headed to Walmart first to get some #IcedCoffee. We have a long drive in the heat and I need a treat!!Photo: Look at this great display of Mocha #IcedCoffee that we found at Walmart Store #345Photo: One carton of International Delight Mocha #IcedCoffee was only $3.98. That is less expensive than ONE of the fancy iced coffees from our coffee shop.Photo: International Delight Mocha #IcedCoffee - Sweet & CreamyPhoto: We found the Mocha and Vanilla in the cooler near the milk and other creamers.Photo: I noticed that the International Delight Mocha #IcedCoffee was near all of the lactose free and organic milks. I am lactose intollerant so that was a good sign for me!!Photo: The International Delight Mocha #IcedCoffee is just next to the milk section in Walmart.Photo: On the right of the #IcedCoffee is other creamers for coffee.Photo: Just next to the the #IcedCoffee, on the other side of creamers and whipped cream, was the @InDelight coffee creamers.Photo: After we grabbed my special drink, we had to pick up my husband's drink. He is so addicted to this soda!!Photo: This is my "other" special drink, but lately it has been upsetting my tummy...and I'm always up for any drink with extra caffeine.Photo: This #IcedCoffee cup is perfect for my Mocha treat. This Mocha Iced Coffee is soooo yummy!!

Thank you, International Delight!!Photo: One more stop before we hit the road and Hubby grabbed me a rose. He is so sweet.Photo: We have an hour drive to Tyler for our errands and I always have to stop halfway at this gas station for a potty break.Photo: The weather is so nice outside today that I just had to show these bright clouds.Photo: I get road hypnosis so Hubby grabbed me something crunchy to keep me from falling asleep.Photo: Our Jeep has no air conditioning so I'm a wind-blown mess by the time we get to Tyler.Photo: Today's biggest errand was to get Hubby measured for a tuxedo. He is going to be in his brother's wedding in Dallas very soon!!Photo: Hubby was peeking at the screen to find out who was going to be in the wedding. That part is a story for another time.Photo: He was happy to hear that he only had to be measured and didn't have to try on a tuxedo today.Photo: Since we didn't have the boy with us, we thought we would stop and get some prices on these wooden playsets. This pirate ship is WAY out of our league, but some of the basic swingsets might be possible in the future.Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #CBias #SocialFabric. All opinions and stories are my own.