31 Photos - May 7, 2012
Photo: It's time to go shopping for the Jennie-O Make the Switch Challenge for Champions for Kids. Let's make it a Family Day!! The Boy is ready in his carseat with his Spiderman cap, sunglasses, "whistle", Lucky charm shamrock blinking necklace, and puppy puppet. ;)Photo: Hubby took a pic of me smiling - and this shirt comes in VERY handy later in the day!!Photo: Hubby doesn't usually go with us on these shopping trips (although he loves to grocery shop) but we enticed him with breakfast first and then promises of Avengers in the afternoon.Photo: Breakfast buffet at Ryan's - yummy stuff!!Photo: Yummy (unhealthy) breakfast before we start the Challenge!!Photo: I knew Hubby would start feeling better after breakfast - can you see the smile starting to form?Photo: We headed to our local Walmart for the shopping - AFTER seeing Avengers!!!! Look out for my personal review of Avengers later this week {Hint: LOVED IT!!} The Boy added another necessity to our shopping trip - the Hook Em Horns hand!!Photo: I love, Love, LOVE Spring and all of the flowers outside of the stores are so pretty right now.Photo: Hubby really needs a Weed Eater and these were just inside the door.Photo: He doesn't want the electric, of course, so I'm thinking Father's Day??!! {shhh...}Photo: The Boy has been obsessed with Rainbows lately because he thinks I love rainbows. He noticed this right away and went berserk!!Photo: Hubby went to get some Ibuprofen so The Boy and I looked at puzzles - on the way to the Avengers toys.Photo: Since we had JUST seen Avengers, we wanted to check out all of the toys and find a new one for The Boy {he is spoiled ;)}Photo: The Boy has decided that Captain America is his favorite. That makes me very happy.Photo: This was his "prize" for being a big boy all day. He proceeded to wear this around Walmart while we shopped and several people stopped to talk to him. Maybe OUR town needs some "Old Fashioned" {teehee!!}Photo: Next time he thinks he might want Iron Man - we'll see...Photo: We noticed that the movies in the center aisle were decked out with Avenger-esque movies.Photo: Hubby HAD to get his nectar - Pepsi MAX!! He always has to use the metal hook to reach it, but he drinks a LOT of MAX!!Photo: Finally, we reached the meat and were slightly disappointed that Walmart was so low on it. We haven't shopped for Jennie-O here in a while because Hubby works at Brookshires. We found this Jennie-O sausage and Hubby is a big fan of it. $2.88 for a 1 pound package.Photo: $2.88 for one pound of Jennie-O turkey sausage.Photo: Hubby is a big fan of this breakfast turkey sausage from Jennie-O.Photo: I thought the Turkey Burgers looked great and would be an easy item for the food bank to keep frozen to give out to the families in need.Photo: Turkey and Gravy - YUM!! $3.58 for a package and these would also be great for the food bank.Photo: Ready to check out in the Speedy Checkout!!Photo: We bought the food we needed for a yummy taco salad with some Jennie-O ground turkey, along with some other food we needed.Photo: And since The Boy stayed with us and listened through Walmart, he got to ride the Winnie the Pooh ride on the way out.Photo: He is so easily entertained!!Photo: Protecting the World!!Photo: Since Walmart didn't have the Ground Turkey, we used this package that we had in the freezer, but we are hoping their stock gets a little better next week. Then, we will do an additional shop for the food bank!!Photo: Once we made it home, Hubby made us this amazing taco salad with Jennie-O ground turkey - YUM, YUM, YUMMY!!Photo: I am a member of the Collective Bias™ Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias™. #JennieOCFK #CBias #SocialFabric