112 Photos - Mar 26, 2014
Photo: SCV CA State Div Logo..Video: Richard Kline plays and sings "Dixieland" along with the gatheringPhoto: Southern Cross of  HonorVideo: Attendees sing.. "I'm A Good Ole Rebel"Photo: Sons of Confederate Veterans logo..From 1896Photo: RegistrationPhoto: Photo: This convention was centered on Nathan Bedford Forrest..Photo: Flags lead the way to the hospitality room..Photo: Signifies where the hospitality room is......Photo: Steve Smilth and his shirt...Photo: Mike Climo (left) and Mike Presswood (right) as Margaret Alley looks on..Photo: Vern Padgett in hat..Photo: Mint Julip Mix...
Didn't try any..Photo: Dr Vern Padgett eating chicken..Photo: Photo: Ernie Powell....Photo: Ernie Powell & Floyd Farrar at hospitality room..Photo: Barron Smith...Photo: Mike Climo center.. Steve Madden on rightPhoto: Photo: Photo: Saturday Morning Business meeting begins..Video: Business meeting sings.. "Dixie"Photo: Posting the colors for business meetingPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Posting colors for business meeting on SaturdayPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Confederate Pledge..Photo: Photo: Posting colors completePhoto: State Cmdr Farrell Cooley addresses the attendeesPhoto: Photo: State Adjutant Dr. Vern Padgett gives his reportPhoto: Mike Presswood of Richmomd Howitzers..Photo: Sandy Turner delivers speechPhoto: Photo: Photo: Ernie Powell reports ..Photo: Photo: Steve Smith reports on HeritagePhoto: Photo: Steve is very demonstrative in descriptionsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Chuck Norred ..Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: John Smoley addresses the gatheringPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: SCV Business meeting about concludes..to break for lunchPhoto: Two hour seminar on the SCV organization and upcoming plans for the future.Photo: Photo: Photo: Richard Kline & Ernie Powell singing at dinner banquetPhoto: Richard Kline, Ernie Powell, and Floyd Farrar at SCV Conveniton Fresno CAPhoto: Singing at banquet... Trying to do old favorites that Richard knew..Photo: Photo: Camp 2007 Cmdr Vance Marsh..Photo: Vance Marsh and Steve MaddenPhoto: Photo: John Smoley in white and brother in red shirtPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Lou Olker was at my table. 
Between him and Barron Smith they kept us in stitches laughing at the SCV stories of re enactments etc.Photo: Photo: Posting the colors at the dinnerPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Vern and Sandy.. 
sorry for the camera glitch.. it should be clearer..Photo: Photo: SCV supporter Margaret Alley in dark outfit..Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Steve Smith....Photo: Richard Kline on keyboardPhoto: Photo: Photo: Barron SmithPhoto: Richard Kline & Floyd Farrar At CA State Sons of Confedereate Veterans meeting Mar 2014Photo: Yummy cheeze cake..Photo: Yes it is an ACTUAL "Moon Pie" served at the dinner.. along with "Sweet Tea"Photo: Floyd Farrar in gray shirt standingPhoto: Farrell and MargaretPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Group photo of most of those attending..
yours truly is on far left in gray shirtPhoto: Singing at banquet... Trying to do old favorites that Richard knew..