25 Photos - Sep 4, 2013
Photo: In celebration of the upcoming release of The Little Mermaid Collector’s Edition BluRay/DVD on October 1st, I thought I’d treat my daughter to an impromptu Little Mermaid viewing party with her friends after naptime as part of a sponsored post for Collective Bias®.Photo: Photo: I headed out to Walmart to get some supplies... and some fun toys for my daughter to enjoy!Photo: Since our theme for the party would be Under the Sea I decided to go all out on the snacks and create Under the Sea treats. Including mini Jell-o aquariums.Photo: Berry blue would be perfect for the water.Photo: And everyone knows you need fish in an aquarium.Photo: So we picked up some Swedish Fish. I was so tempted to grab two bags so I could enjoy one on my own... but I stopped myself.Photo: Next up was the snack aisle for some goldfish. Now I would normally head over and grab some Annie's Bunnies but bunnies really don't go with the underwater theme. I'm hoping the whole grain fish I picked up will make up for it.Photo: I figured that a bluish drink would be fun so this Pomegranate Blueberry juice sounded perfect. I picked up some cute little bottles of water as well.Photo: Then I headed over to the Dairy section to grab some whipped cream for the jell-o aquariums.Photo: There's something about name brand whipped topping.Photo: After getting all of the food supplies I needed (I already had everything else at home) I stopped by the craft aisle to get some sea shells and blue beads for our tablescape.Photo: And then the fun part of my trip! The toy aisle.Photo: I was so happy I didn't bring my daughter because the selection of Disney Princess toys and accessories would have had her asking me to put everything on her list for her birthday.Photo: I was torn between the cute bath friendly dolls and a story gift set with all of the characters from the movie.Photo: And I made a mental note to come back for this Ariel mermaid costume for my daughter's Halloween outfit. She's decided she wants to be a mermaid like Ariel.Photo: I settled on the story gift set since my daughter is crazy about imaginative play and I was sure she'd love to have all of the characters from the movie.Photo: With everything I needed picked up I was ready to check out and head home to create an awesome party for my daughter and her friends after naptime.Photo: I set up the food spread while my daughter napped and didn't tell her that there was a surprise waiting until after she woke up. Can you tell she was excited?Photo: The Little Mermaid Story Gift Set was the perfect addition to our Under the Sea spread. It set the scene for our movie and made excellent play toys for the kids to enjoy as we watched the film.Photo: We made peanut butter sushi with jelly dipping sauce, served goldfish in cupcake liners, put out some madelines (perfect shell shape), and as I mentioned before I also made jell-o aquariums. I also grabbed our big popcorn bucket and filled it with pirates booty. We kept the juice inside.Photo: I also made some bottle labels on PicMonkey and used my Zyron sticker maker to stick them on the bottles.Photo: My daughter definitely enjoyed the little touches we put on the party.Photo: Ariel has become her new best friend and she's even more excited to be a mermaid for Halloween now!Photo: The toy set was the perfect addition to our fun screening and after watching the movie we now have repeats of scenes acted out through the figurines. Love the kids retelling of the movie!