31 Photos - Jul 21, 2013
Photo: Photo: What better way to celebrate summer than to throw a party? When my daughter asked if we could invite our friends over after a few weeks of not seeing them I figured why not make a party out of it.Photo: I headed to Walmart to pick up the essentials for our Minnie Mouse Summer Party (my daughter's favorite Disney character).Photo: First stop - fresh produce!Photo: Fruit is always a must for summertime so we grabbed an assortment of berries, cherries, and apples.Photo: That's when I spotted these great Disney Foodles snack crunch packs. I grabbed a few for the party.Photo: I usually just serve my fruit plain but I've been eying this light vanilla bean cream cheese dip for a while so I figured I'd throw it in the basket too.Photo: Next stop - head to the bakery to pick up the cake.Photo: We pre-ordered a Minnie and Mickey cake by calling ahead the day before but I couldn't resist checking out this adorable Monsters University cake in the cooler.Photo: When I called to order my cake I specifically asked for a minnie themed cake (for our bowtique party) but when we picked our cake up we received a summer tiki party cake. Even with the mix up the cake looked great and still fit our theme. All ready for a summer party!Photo: I stopped by the binders with the other cake ideas in them to see if I could find something for my daughter's 3rd birthday in December. I'm pretty sure she'd LOVE this cake! When I called to order this is the one the woman said they were out of.Photo: After picking up some food essentials for the party I made my way to Celebration Center.Photo: That's where I found a great selection of Hallmark Dream Party packs filled with everything we need to create the perfect party.Photo: And Minnie was right there! There wasn't a huge selection of decorations to choose from as this section looked very picked over but we were able to find exactly what we needed to make our party work.Photo: After grabbing some decorations I picked up some plates, napkins and cups - including some reusable cups to use for our party favors.Photo: They had party favor packs all ready to be assembled! And there were two different kinds. We went with the kid that included rings and silly glasses for the kids.Photo: After I grabbed the decorations I couldn't help but stop to look at all of the great gift wrap ideas from Hallmark. I picked up a few Minnie bags knowing I'd need some for my daughter.Photo: Then it was on to the toy aisle to see if I could find a special toy for my daughter since she wanted to help me put the party decorations together and helped clean up the house.Photo: I looked up and down the toy aisles and almost gave up.Photo: Then I came across these cute Squinkies. My daughter loves anything "baby" or small so these would be perfect for her.Photo: Then I stopped by the hair accessories aisle for a few supplies I needed for our bow making station.Photo: Bows - check!Photo: Headbands - check! I think we have everything we need.Photo: Once everything was in the cart it was time for checkout.Photo: I came home to find Minnie ready for her party. My daughter really was excited to get this party started!Photo: And I quickly set up the decorations so I wouldn't have to worry about them the next day.Photo: Our bow making station was simple - the kids just picked out a bow and matched it to a headband and then attached their bow to the headband.Photo: Our party favors were very easy to assemble! And I wrapped my daughter's gift in one of the Minnie bags I purchased.Photo: With the decor all set up, setting out the food was the hardest part of my morning.Photo: We then enjoyed our delicious cake alongside a dessert pizza. At the end of the party we passed out our favors.Photo: The kids bellies were full and all of the playing made them ready for a great nap. Thanks to Hallmark and Disney my job was easy! Now if only I could nap alongside my daughter while the dishes wash themselves... wait - that's another Disney movie!

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