33 Photos - Feb 2, 2012
Photo: Awww….poor T-Rex!Photo: It certainly is a social media world out there…Photo: I KNEW it!!!Photo: Okay, that's just pure awesome! :)Photo: Tell me it's not true!!Photo: Me too!!!Photo: Should you eat bacon??

(via +Bruce Reinhard)Photo: It's Memorial Day Weekend! If you're going to be spending it in and around the water, please remember this...Photo: When the computer can feel like a prison….Photo: Whew!!! What a week at the CEA Line Shows in New York. So much fun and got to see some great new tech! Now time to go home and get some rest. :) Since I'm jumping on a plane, I'll leave you with this…

Change can be oh, so good!Photo: Well, at least there's a warning when you get there. Photo: Bum, bum, BUM….Photo: Embrace those pitfalls and make them work FOR you! Photo: Uh…yeah, do that.Photo: Be sure you get the right gifts for the ones you love this season! :)

http://geekbeat.tv/giftsPhoto: Would you use this sink?Photo: How Cats See a Christmass Tree.

Thanks +Holly Pozadzides!Photo: Rock. Paper. Scissors. Photo: Brilliant.

EDIT: (Picture taken by +John Pozadzides)Photo: So true. So very true.Photo: Oh no!! It's official. Saturday is the end of the world. See it in the forecast?Photo: Please don't serve this at my birthday party! Photo: Oh, now that's just mean.Photo: D'oh! You just broke the law.Photo: Even if you hate GIFs, you gotta love this! :)

Happy Monday!Photo: Gotta love creativity! Photo: So sad! The wrong #Gift  can ruin the holidays! Luckily, we've been working hard so good ideas are at your fingertips!  :) http://geekbeat.tv/gifts Photo: I keep staring at the Google Doodle today and expecting the "4" to bump the "3" out of the picture. Guess that'll happen tomorrow...? Will they keep the same doodle?

I'm mesmerized by the dancing. Oh, how easy I am to please. LOL!

Happy #NewYearsEve !!! What will you be doing tonight? Photo: All you need to know.

#GeekHumor  Photo: I've decided to become a Jedi. Photo: Um. Please explain. Photo: Holy Spam Batman! 

I discovered that Google's spam filter has been on steroids over the last few days!

I just happened to go into my Spam folder today looking for a test email I was expecting but hadn't received. I didn't find what I was looking for, but I DID find a whole lotta other emails that weren't spam!

And these are emails from people I write to regularly! Like +John Pozadzides and +Benjamin Roethig and others.

I asked around a bit, and seems I'm not the only one. I'm going to venture out and guess that they've made some changes to their algorithm this week, but I haven't seen anything from Google to confirm that.

Regardless, go check your Spam folder! And if you haven't gotten an email back from someone, that may be why....Photo: Yep. That seems about right.

Sesame Street meets Angry Birds.