39 Photos - Aug 29, 2011
Photo: Photo: Kisses from SwitzerlandPhoto: Château de Chillon on Lake Geneva, SwitzerlandPhoto: Lilliput? No Switzerland!Photo: Out of the Gloom IIPhoto: Los Angeles Skyline - Most beautiful at night in my opinionPhoto: Say Cheese!!!Photo: Downtown Los Angeles seen from the Griffith Observatory. Such a great place to see city lights. One of my favorite spots in LA.Photo: Under the Eiger - ah to be back in Switzerland. Sometime soon I hope.Photo: I had a model train set when I was young that my grandfather put together for me. I think the creation of that train set was more a reflection of his passion than mine, but I sure had a great time playing with it. When I got around to traveling to Switzerland I was blown away by their train system. Truly an engineering marvel. When I had time to burn between trips across the countryside I'd take an opportunity to capture that toy train set feel. In this instance I used a 90mm Tilt-shift lens, tilted the lens to the maximum setting to get the blurring effect and opened up the lens to f/2.8 so as to keep the depth of field shallow. The end result... the toy effect.Photo: Here's a quick photo for you to get lost in.
The bamboo forest of Haleakala National Park is a great place to escape. Even on the the brightest of days walking down this path is always dark, cool and wet. Enjoy...Photo: Hard to believe but this photo is just about 10 years old. I took this with my film camera and so its a bit contrasty due to the nature of the film stock. Now everyone employes Photoshop to make composite images, but at this time I was still employing in camera trickery by taking double exposures. I have to admit I do miss that Canon dSLRs do not have this feature. Sure Photoshop will handle this sort of thing nicely, but there is an art to double exposures. I fear that art is likely dead in the digital realm.Photo: San Francisco Sunset
Mother Nature sure has a way of making big things look small. San Francisco dwarfed by a giant beautiful sunset sky.Photo: Reflecting Art
One of my personal favorites. Pictured is Crown Fountain in Chicago's Millenium Park. Made by artist Jaume Plensa its consists of (2) 50 foot glass block towers with projected video images of 1000 different Chicagoans. A large stream of water flows out of the mouth of the projected faces. I just happen to catch this scene before the fountain was turned onn and after a big rain storm passed through. The inclusion of the person posing was intentional, but not directed. Just goes to show you including people in your photos can add to an images overall impact. I much prefer this version to an exact duplicate taken seconds before when it was devoid of any person in the frame.Photo: Between Storms
This view looked rather ordinary at first glance with few clouds being visible to the naked eye, but when I put on my polarized sunglasses the clouds came into clear view. Once I could see the clouds I could see the shot I wanted and quickly put a polarizing filter on my lens. If you enjoy outdoor photography I highly recommend investing in a pair of polarized sunglasses as they let you see your surroundings in a way not possible by the naked eye. That can make the difference in missing a great photo opportunity.Photo: Chicago, A Beans Eye View
“It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.”
- Henry David Thoreau

Cloud Gate, also known loosely as the Bean, is an amazing sculpture in Chicago's Millenium park. Photographing Cloud Gate straight on is the standard view of the sculpture in many photos, but I liked seeing how the skyline was warped by it.Photo: Turning Tide
Sunset before a new storm made its way to San Francisco.

Taken some years ago. Amazing how the new features of photo editing software allow you to see old photos in new says. I tuned this up in Lightroom 4 and Photoshop CS5. The last time I touched this photo it was edited in Photoshop CS2. How time flies.Photo: Watch Out For Bears, Speeding Kills Bears
If you've ever traveled through Yosemite National Park and seen this sign it means a bear had been hit there. It's a sad reminder that bears and other animals pay the price for our obsession with time and schedule. Always amazing to see the bear statistics via the Yosemite National Park page
http://www.nps.gov/yose/planyourvisit/bearfacts.htmPhoto: River Boat Crossing Lake Tahoe on a Cold Winter MorningPhoto: Another Day in San Francisco - Sunset Fog
San Francisco is a magical city for several reasons, but one of my favorite things to witness here is the ebb and flow of the fog. Just as the waves roll up and back over the sand of the beach, on a much grander scale the fog rolls in and out of town. From this location the fog has come in about 4 miles from the ocean and is starting to move farther into the city. It's amazing how fast the fog rolls in, but it makes for a great watch.Photo: Yosemite Valley Chapel in Snow Storm
Seeing that it's the heart of summer here in the U.S. I thought this photo might provide some virtual air conditioning to those enduring record temperatures.

This was taken during a heavy snow storm in Yosemite National Park a few years back. I've never seen it snow so much in Yosemite since taking this photo. It was a great time to see the valley. White, pure and pristine.Photo: Snow falls on the Yosemite Valley Chapel - Yosemite National Park, CaliforniaPhoto: Photographer in Front of a Yosemite Falls Reflection
Normally this large body of still water is a meadow, but it was flooded from a rapid snow melt.Photo: Lands End Labyrinth
One of the many reasons to love San Francisco. This was installed by a local artist in 2004. He's rebuilt it numerous times as its been destroyed or vandalized. Locals have really taken to the labyrinth and now look for it regularly.

If you're curious about it I wrote up an article about it and the artist behind it on my site way back before I had a blog.
http://www.jmg-galleries.com/articles/san_francisco_labyrinths.htmlPhoto: Golden Gate Bridge Sunset & SurfPhoto: Under the Rainbow - Maui, Hawaii
While I may have been feeling under the weather last week while in Maui it didn't stop me from getting out to enjoy brief moments of magic like this one. Seeing this giant rainbow span across the horizon was amazing. Not too many people were out this early, so the few that were enjoyed an amazing light show.Photo: Stoneman Bridge Winter View - Yosemite National Park
To start the year off I couldn't resist sharing this photo.There is something about snow that speaks to a fresh start. Happy New Year!Photo: Flashback to Film: Golden Gate Bridge Evening View
This was taken many moons ago. I had to work on this image recently for a project and thought I'd share it. I suspect only some photo forum old timers will recognize this one.

This photo was taken on Fuji Velvia film and due to the length of the exposure experienced some reciprocity failure shifting the color to a greenish hue. As I recall the skyline and light reflecting off the high altitude clouds did look greenish, but its a bit greener thanks to Velvia's reciprocity characteristics.Photo: Taking in the View At Yosemite National Park
These folks were well prepared to take in sunset at the Tunnel View lookout in Yosemite National Park. Unfortunately for them the sunset wasn't as grand as I've seen in the past and for whatever reason on this day there were tons of contrails in the sky. None the less it was still a great view to take in.

BTW this is what the view looks like with out SOPA.
Referring to my earlier post of this image https://plus.google.com/u/0/103486150650858067282/posts/1DaCbp7V3tSPhoto: Stepping Out On To Grand View Terrace, Mount Rushmore National Monument
Mount Rushmore is always a place I wanted to visit. It's especially impressive to see in person. It's mind blowing to think about the amount of work that went into it. You merely need to go over to the Crazy Horse mountain sculpture to understand... as they've been working on the Crazy Horse mountain sculpture for decades and they're not even half way along.
Posted with #FridayGetaway in mind. Thanks to +Gary Crabbe for curating.Photo: Re-emerging From the Storm
Evening glow of traffic on the Bay Bridge and skyscrapers making up the San Francisco skyline. This digital panoramic photo was made from 6 images. Nothing like some good stormy weather to add drama to a cityscape photo.Photo: Maui Zip Line Adventure
+1 if you like my legs LOL
I took this in Maui with a new 1Ds Mark III back in 2008. I got it only a few days before and decided it was best served strapped to my chest for some fun on a zip line. I always say if you're not having fun behind the camera then its time to pick up a new hobby. You can never be too serious behind the camera.

At the time I took this photo I thought for sure this was as good as it could get, but a couple years later I visited Costa Rica and the zip lines at Selvatura put these to shame. And yes I did the exact same set up there. I'll post a photo from that trip next.Photo: San Francisco and Marin Headlands
Atmospheric perspective adding a bit of interest to the view of the Marin Headlands, Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco Skyline. This was taken from Mt. Tamalpais in Marin.

Here's a quick link to learn a bit more about Atmospheric perspective:
http://www.jmg-galleries.com/blog/2007/03/21/photo-term-series-post1-aerial-perspective-disambiguation/Photo: Sea of Light
Los Angeles at dusk. A classic view. By the way far better to be above it all than in it.Photo: Cloud City - San Francisco, California
Yes the original Cloud City. For more on my thoughts on the fog check my blog...
http://bit.ly/SwNDKAPhoto: Foggy Sights, San Francisco
Typical day in San Francisco... for somePhoto: One Nation
A couple weeks ago in NYC I had a great time testing out a new lens (Canon 50mm f/1.0) in Times Square. While you might think the lens is broken I actually intended for this to be out of focus testing out the resulting bokeh at f/1.0. Given the nature of events this week I thought it was a fitting image to share. Hopefully the bitter partisanship of the past several months blurs into oblivion.Photo: Photo: Fog Over San Francisco
This is a still I took from a timelapse sometime ago. There is something magical about the fog and when you see it in motion, flowing and ebbing, you start to appreciate it more. It really is like watching the tides of the sea. Pair that with iconic details like the Golden Gate Bridge and the skyline of San Francisco and its all the more special.