30 Photos - Jan 8, 2012
Photo: Arrived at 7:01 PM, tired after a long day of moving to our new house!Photo: Super WalMart parking lot - always busy!Photo: My husband was sidetracked by the gourmet cheese sectionPhoto: Grabbing some bananas so I can make ice cream with my new Yonanas machine!Photo: Husband wanted strawberry ice cream, but this section was pretty empty.Photo: The only ones left already had mold...not very appealing.Photo: I think they need to work on this claim.Photo: So we got blueberries instead.  Blueberry ice cream...why not?Photo: Thought they might be in the refrigerated chicken section...nope.Photo: Ahh, here they are.  Kind of hidden at the bottom of the case.Photo: $5.14 for a box of 8 sandwiches.Photo: Husband wanted to try Silk "nog".  For the record, close but no cigar.Photo: Grabbed another quick n easy dinner option.Photo: This store had the Mini Sandwiches in the frozen Snacks & Appetizers section.Photo: There are 4 duos of prepackaged sandwiches.Photo: Popped 'em in the microwave & dinner was ready in under 2 minutes!Photo: Cooling off for a minute after microwaving...stomach is rumbling anxiously :)Photo: Served with an apple and side salad for a super quick & easy dinner/snack.Photo: On to the Home section to furnish our new house!Photo: New throw pillows for the living roomPhoto: Switching out to eco friendly bulbsPhoto: New numbers for our mailboxPhoto: Xmas Clearance...pretty picked through but found some goodies!Photo: Our shopping cart as we finish upPhoto: Used the price scanner to check some clearance prices.Photo: My husband grabbed a Rojo Tea Monster drink near checkoutPhoto: Found an open cashier right away :)Photo: Now we can go try our Chicken Sandwiches!Photo: Start to finish - almost exactly an hour in the store.Photo: