35 Photos - Aug 24, 2013
Photo: Phyllis and David rings, bouquet, wedding license.Photo: Best man Cleon Green signs the license.Photo: Maid of honor Karla Davis Owen places garter.Photo: Phyllis with parents Ed and Mary Netherland.Photo: Phyllis with parents Ed and Mary Netherland.Photo: David with parents Ava and Roger Powell.Photo: Ed and Phyllis Netherland, Karla, Becky Bigger, Linda Netherland, Lynne Powell, Ruth Powell.Photo: Chuck Netherland and Ruth Powell.Photo: Father of the bride, Ed Netherland, escorts Phyllis.Photo: Littleton Church of Christ, 90 East Orchard Avenue, Littleton, Colorado.Photo: The kiss.Photo: Phyllis and David with Phyllis' parents.Photo: Ruth Powell, Glenda Crawford, Lora Netherland, Teresa Powell.Photo: Ruth, Glenda, Phyllis, Teresa, Lora.Photo: Kiss behind the cake.Photo: Cutting the cake.Photo: David feeds Phyllis.Photo: Phyllis feeds David.Photo: Sharing drinks.Photo: Phyllis and David.Photo: Phyllis and David.Photo: The beautiful bride.Photo: Chuck Netherland, Ruth Powell, Ken Hines, Linda Netherland, Bruce Klemm, Becky Bigger, Phyllis and David, Karla Davis, Cleon Green, Lynne Powell, Jimmy Crossley.Photo: Linda, Becky, Phyllis, Karla, Lynne, Ruth.Photo: Ken, Jimmy, Cleon, Phyllis and David, Chuck, Bruce.Photo: Ed and Mary Netherland, Phyllis and David, Ava and Roger Powell.  May 31, 1976.Photo: Phyllis and David with David's parents Roger and Ava Powell.Photo: Phyllis and David with David's maternal grandparents, Frank and Fern Hogsett.Photo: Phyllis and David with Janet, Brad, Jeff and Carl Epperson.  Janet is the sister of David's dad.Photo: Preacher Jerry Tallman and wife, Connie.Photo: Singers Ben Atchley and Becky.Photo: With New York friend, Herman van Dyck.Photo: Kelly Booker catches the bouquet.Photo: Rice-throwing.  Phyllis' brother Chuck with large bundle.Photo: Getting in Ed's Mustang.