25 Photos - Apr 19, 2015
Photo: Student explains conceptPhoto: student explains key conceptPhoto: Students getting ready to codePhoto: App that saves the user's last inputPhoto: Developers listen to facilitator's instructionPhoto: Developers hacking codePhoto: Student developers seeking guidance from facilitatorPhoto: Android studio at workPhoto: Student developers compete with each other in groups to develop the App that saves a user's last input and tell the user soPhoto: One group tries their lackPhoto: One developer's Android Studio codePhoto: Second group planning their approachPhoto: Facilitators share with each otherPhoto: Android Code ruled the dayPhoto: Getting hands dirty in codePhoto: Android online codebasePhoto: Getting staff working togetherPhoto: Girls too can codePhoto: Seems like a codility interview to me!Photo: Android ClassPhoto: Mr. Galiwango, one of the facilitators giving a helping hand to one developerPhoto: Students getting ready to judge the winning coderPhoto: Awesome Android Team present their working prototype applicationPhoto: Developer class selects the winning Student developer of the dayPhoto: Facilitators giving final remarks and instructions/assignments to students