32 Photos - Oct 27, 2012
Photo: California Gull (1st cycle). New Buffalo, MI.Photo: Photo: First cycle California Gull.Photo: Two of three first cycle Lesser Black-backed Gulls. New Buffalo, MI.Photo: LBBG (1st cycle).Photo: Two adult type Lessers among several hundered American Herrings and Ring-billeds. New Buffalo, MI.Photo: Photo: Adult LBBG and American Herring.Photo: Photo: The Herrings on the left have the sun to their backs.Photo: First cycle LBBG in foreground with two first cycle American Herrings and an adult.Photo: Photo: CAGUPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Juvenile American Herring. Black face mask recalls juvenile LBBG.Photo: Photo: P9, P10 old.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: LBBG (1st cycle) harassing RBGU (adult).Photo: LBBG (1st cycle).Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: First cycle LBBG. Messy bill base: a sure sign this bird has been at a landfill today.