259 Photos - Jul 18, 2013
Photo: Baby ducklings near Adventure Inn in San Jose, Costa RicaPhoto: Photo: View of San Jose from the little airplane to Puerto JimenezPhoto: Girls on the plane to Puerto JimenezPhoto: Photo: Puerto Jimenez from the airPhoto: Ordering lunch at the Italian restaurant in Puerto Jimenez right before a huge storm blew inPhoto: Sidewalk collapsed from the force of the waves in the stormPhoto: Collapsed sidewalk in Puerto JimenezPhoto: Parade of horses - a festival!Video: Huge storm in Puerto JimenezPhoto: Charlotte bike riding through the wilds outside Puerto JimenezPhoto: Mark and Genevieve on the road outside Puerto JimenezPhoto: Halloween crabPhoto: Crocodile near Puerto JimenezPhoto: Plantains on the tour of Finca Kobo. They plant them to distract the monkeys from the way more expensive cacaoPhoto: Drinking fresh coconut juice on the tour of Finca KoboPhoto: Using natural seeds to paint faces at Finca KoboPhoto: Seeds used as paint at Finca KoboPhoto: Cacao at Finca KoboPhoto: Cacao beans drying at Finca Kobo. That's our excellent guide and owner, Alex.Photo: Spread of chocolate and fruit at Finca Kobo, all grown on site. More than we could eat!Photo: Cocolate! 90%!! We were happy all day after this tour.Photo: Enjoying the view from the deck at Cabinas JimenezPhoto: Best photo of the macaws we could get. You can hear them way more than you can see them, except for when they're flying.Photo: Festival at Puerto Jimenez -- they stayed for a full week. Carnies in Costa Rica the same as carnies in the US, sitting around drinking beer.Photo: Turkey vulturePhoto: At Mangko, where we had breakfast every morning in Puerto JimenezPhoto: KingfisherPhoto: Photo: TanagerPhoto: Enjoying the pool at Cabinas JimenezPhoto: Enjoying the pool at Cabinas JimenezPhoto: Enjoying the pool at Cabinas JimenezPhoto: View from the sand bar to Cabinas Jimenez. Our cabina (the private bungalow) was right above the stairs on the right.Photo: Promenade along the Golfo Dulce at Puerto Jimenez. Collapsed sidewalk from storm our first day is to the left.Photo: Enjoying the gulf. Water was very warm.Photo: View down the beach towards MatapaloPhoto: Walking through Puerto Jimenez - typical small Costa Rican town.Photo: Interesting old building in Puerto JimenezPhoto: View of the Golfo DulcePhoto: Sunset! From our deck at Cabinas Jimenez.Photo: Sunset! From our deck at Cabinas Jimenez.Photo: Boat tour in the Golfo Dulce. The girls are in the air seats, and the dog belongs to the boat owner (also owner of Cabinas Jimenez), he helps spot dolphinsPhoto: Dog looking for dolphins. Or fish. Or anything to bark at.Photo: Costa Rican school group on our tour of the wildlife refuge across the gulf from Puerto JimenezPhoto: Sweetie, resident spider monkey at the animal refugePhoto: Scarlet Macaw - raised in captivity on a hard floor, wings bow out so he can't fly.Photo: KinkajousPhoto: Two toed sloth - there were four of them on this playform. She tried to get them to wake up for food but they were having none of it.Photo: PeccaryPhoto: Sloths being slothfulPhoto: Dolphin!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Monica and Charlotte being towed by the boat. When Mark and Genevieve did it there was a dolphin swimming under them and they could hear the squeaks of the pod. We could hear the squeaks but the dolphins had moved away from the boat a bit.Photo: Dinner at Pizza Mail in Puerto Jimenez. The woman from Italy who runs it was on our boat tour. And their food is really good!Video: Photo: Photo: Rain at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Rain at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Genevieve trying to swing on a vinePhoto: Dart frog at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Great Currasows and turkey vultures at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Leaf headed mantisPhoto: Making the best of a rainy day at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Not raining today -- better go for a hike at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Monkeys!Photo: Monkeys!Photo: View of the Golfo Dulce from Bosque del CaboPhoto: Mark doing what he does bestPhoto: Hanging bridge at Bosque del CaboPhoto: CoatiPhoto: Mommy and baby capuchinPhoto: The Golfo Dulce viewpoint at Bosque del CaboPhoto: The Golfo Dulce viewpoint at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Photo: The Golfo Dulce viewpoint at Bosque del CaboPhoto: The Golfo Dulce viewpoint at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Dart frogPhoto: Enjoying breakfast on a sunnier day at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Charlotte's favorite spotPhoto: dart frogPhoto: And another dart frogPhoto: Yet another dart frogPhoto: Sun! at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Hiking to the tree we're going to climbPhoto: Photo: All harnessed up and ready to climbPhoto: Charlotte half way up the tree. She aborted soon after this photo was taken, but she did get pretty far!Photo: Genevieve going all the way upPhoto: Genevieve coming down. She loved the way it swung.Photo: High five!Photo: Mark made it down!Photo: Girls after the tree climbPhoto: All three of us after the tree climb. I'm glad I did it, but I'm not in a hurry to do it again!Photo: fungusPhoto: Peccary tracksPhoto: Genevieve as only an almost teenager can bePhoto: Tucan!Photo: Tucan. They were everywhere, in a flock.Photo: Mommy and baby capuchinPhoto: Capuchin chases off spider monkey (or maybe he was leaving anyway?)Photo: Photo: AgoutiPhoto: Tree full of spider monkeysPhoto: spider monkey with baby on her backPhoto: Mommy and babyPhoto: Sloth! It actually came down off of its tree to poop - they do that once a weekPhoto: SlothPhoto: Sloth poopPhoto: Photo: ToadPhoto: Hike to MatapaloPhoto: Made it down to the beach. This area was obviously landscaped at one time, but this is what happens in Costa Rica if you don't keep on top of your yardwork!Photo: Made it down! Notice outlines of former landscaping under vine gone wildPhoto: Photo: Charlotte is very tired of walkingPhoto: Hike to the beachPhoto: Giant tree along the beach roadPhoto: Made it to the beachPhoto: Crab on the beachPhoto: CaracaraPhoto: View along the beachPhoto: Enjoying the warm waterPhoto: Photo: View along the beachPhoto: Home for hermit crabsPhoto: Hermit crabs also like this hollow tree - the larger ones were all hanging out herePhoto: Back at Bosque del Cabo after the hike to Golfo Dulce, showered and ready for lunchPhoto: Enjoying the grounds at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Enjoying the grounds at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Tucan cabina at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Enjoying the grounds at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Genevieve in the Tucan cabinaPhoto: Genevieve in the Tucan cabinaPhoto: Enjoying the grounds at Bosque del CaboPhoto: View of the Pacific ocean from the Tucan cabinaPhoto: Sharing the hammockPhoto: View of the pacific ocean from Tucan cabinaPhoto: Girls getting alongPhoto: Genevieve enjoying the viewPhoto: Charlotte inside the cabina. The girls slept in a loft upstairs.Photo: Made it down to the Pacific ocean at low tidePhoto: Made it down to the Pacific ocean at low tidePhoto: PellicansPhoto: Spider monkeyPhoto: Charlotte on the path to the lodge at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Lodge at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Grounds at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Turkey vulturesPhoto: Photo: View from the cabinaPhoto: Fodors posters hanging out at the bar. How nice to have a group of friends built in!Photo: Fodors posters at the bar at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Fodors posters at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Genevieve is going to try to blow the conch to call everyone to dinnerPhoto: Now Lucy (new friend) gives the conch a tryPhoto: Photo: Finally, the Bosque del Cabo employee gets it to workPhoto: Final hike at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Final hike at Bosque del CaboPhoto: Dart frog on our shower!Photo: Made it to the Westin Playa Conchal - swimming at the beach therePhoto: Playa Conchal - nicest beach in Costa Rica and I believe it!Photo: Enjoying the surf at Playa Conchal - yes, they got a ton of sand in their swimsuitsPhoto: Enjoying Playa ConchalPhoto: SnorkelingPhoto: Hanging out at the pool bar at the Westin Playa ConchalPhoto: Doing the crab dance in the Westin poolPhoto: Enjoying the Westin poolPhoto: Enjoying the Westin poolVideo: Baby coatis in a tree at the Westin Playa ConchalPhoto: Baby coatis at the Westin Playa Conchal. So many coatis and no fear of peoplePhoto: Mommy and baby coatis at the WestinPhoto: Sunset!Photo: Sunset at the WestinPhoto: Getting ready to ziplinePhoto: Mark gets trickyPhoto: Girls are having funPhoto: Whole family on the bridgePhoto: On the observation platformVideo: Video: Photo: Super MarkVideo: Photo: Girls in a photo shoot by the pool with the Westin Playa Conchal photographerPhoto: Ctenasaur (dinosaur lizard)Photo: Snorkeling again!Photo: View of coatis from our roomPhoto: Last chance at Wifi before we reach Los LagosPhoto: Spectacled Owl at Monkey Park wildlife sanctuaryPhoto: Great Caracaras at Monkey ParkPhoto: Macaws at Monkey ParkPhoto: Ocelot at Monkey Park. Just a beautiful cat.Photo: Dinner at La Brasilera in La FortunaPhoto: In the frog house at Los LagosPhoto: La Fortuna waterfall (Mark playing with the filters on the camera)Photo: Observation point for the La Fortuna WaterfallPhoto: Genevieve spotted this lizard? snake? in the side of the trail down to the waterfall pools. Very camouflaged!Photo: Made it down to the pools at the La Fortuna WaterfallPhoto: Enjoying the cool water at the La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: La Fortuna waterfall hikePhoto: La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: Pool at the La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: Stream below the pool at the La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: La Fortuna waterfallPhoto: Genevieve got locked in the bathroom! It took about 10 minutes to get the right guy with the right key to get her out.Photo: Heading down to the pools at Los LagosPhoto: Enjoying the hot tub at Los LagosPhoto: Rain schmain. Still enjoying the hot tub at Los Lagos.Photo: Genevieve does the long "volcano" waterslide. Later Monica gave it a try too! Fun!!Photo: Enjoying the pools at Los LagosPhoto: Enjoying the pool at Los LagosPhoto: Genevieve does the easy waterslidePhoto: Swim up bar in the hot tub. Brilliant!Photo: Don't worry, it's a VIRGIN pina coladaPhoto: Red eyed tree frog inside the frog house at Los LagosPhoto: Horseback riding to the volcano at Los LagosPhoto: Genevieve on her trusty steed.Photo: Me on my trusty steed. From the guide "Don't worry, Carnelo is a professional horse"Photo: Charlotte on her horsePhoto: Nice viewPhoto: A view of the Arenal volcano!Photo: The kids need to tell me when my helmet is sideways...Photo: View along the lake, where Los Lagos used to be until 2000.Photo: Los Lagos lakePhoto: Volcanic ash trailPhoto: Grounds at Los Lagos, lizard on the lizardPhoto: That's the hot tub bar to the left. Grounds at Los Lagos.Photo: Hotel view from the volcano observation pointPhoto: Cows!Photo: Genevieve with volcanic face maskPhoto: Crocodiles in Los Lagos zoo. They look exactly the same as they did in 2008, did they even move?Photo: Grounds at Los LagosPhoto: The Butterfly Farm in Guacima. Hard to find, but worth it.Photo: The Butterfly Farm.Photo: The Butterfly Farm.Photo: Butterfly likes CharlottePhoto: Owl butterfly caterpillarPhoto: Genevieve wanted a butterfly to land on her...Photo: Giants colors!Photo: Photo: This kind of caterpillar moves all in a group from one leaf to the next. They're about ready to find a new home!Photo: Photo: Butterfly eggsPhoto: Photo: Butterfly feeding stationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Pupae in various stages of developmentPhoto: Caterpillars being raised. They keep them in boxes like this so they know exactly how old they are so they can send the pupae the second they're ready and they won't hatch in transportPhoto: Some pupae came in from one of their contractors. Now there's a job I'd like - raising butterflies for sale!Photo: Photo: Pool at the Adventure Inn just before departurePhoto: Pool at the Adventure InnPhoto: Bummer, vacation is over and we have to go home!