16 Photos - Dec 3, 2012
Photo: Loraine will be doing most of the work!Photo: Beginning of the project:
Install a 150hp "AEB" engine code 1.8L turbo engine from an 1997 Audi A4 Quattro into a 1982 CabrioletPhoto: Radiator and fuel injection removed.Photo: Another shot of the US spec car with all it's weird pollution control stuffPhoto: End of day two, with everything detached from the engine - next step is to remove the engine!Photo: Day Three:
Engine hoist connected!Photo: Going up!Photo: Engine almost out!Photo: Engine and gearbox out - now  30 years of mess to clean up!Photo: Photo: I scored a harmonic ballancer and accessory bracket from a 2.0L "ABA" engine, this is a direct fit on the 1.8L "AEB" engine so that it can be converted to transverse mounting style found in the CabrioletPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: