421 Photos - Mar 12, 2009
Photo: "Forget-Me-Knot"Photo: "Dog Hitch" (preliminary doodle)Photo: "Dog Hitch"Photo: "Winter's End"Photo: "Maternity Salmon"Photo: "E Pluribus Unumoose"Photo: "Beard Display"Photo: "Stick It To The Man"Photo: "Basic Commands"Photo: "Culture Clash"Photo: "Sue & Lou"Photo: "Keep Off The Snow"Photo: "Teddy Bears"Photo: "Auk-ward"Photo: "Mala-mute"Photo: "Postmodernism"Photo: "Pellet Stove"Photo: "Nature Show"Photo: "Blowing Coat"Photo: "Cold Nose"Photo: "Final/Last Frontier"Photo: "Vocal Fry"Photo: "AK Artist's Palette"Photo: "(No) Alpha Males"Photo: "Shadow Love"Photo: "Killer Koala"Photo: "Alone in a Crowd"Photo: "Fresh & New"Photo: "Moose Luggage"Photo: "Bubble Net"Photo: "Desert Island Beaver"Photo: "Sourdough Sommelier"Photo: "Flat Abs"Photo: "Groundhog Day: Alaska"Photo: "The Sixth Seal"Photo: "Happy Valentine's Day"Photo: "Pet Door"Photo: "Voldemort"Photo: "Bear Den"Photo: "Road Trip"Photo: "Gussuk"Photo: "Arctic Camel"Photo: "Polar Plunge"Photo: "Plover's Leap"Photo: "Halloween"Photo: "Bacon"Photo: "Yield"Photo: "Got It"Photo: "Sign Here"Photo: "Google Maps"Photo: 'Welcome Mat"Photo: "Relapse"Photo: "Subaru Mating Grounds"Photo: "Happy Father's Day"Photo: "Tundra Nuggets"Photo: "AK Thanksgiving"Photo: "Moose Sick"Photo: "Eco-Logger"Photo: "Going To Seed" (Fireweed)Photo: "Mischievous"Photo: "Do Not Stop"Photo: "Bad Musher"Photo: "Sourdough Convertible"Photo: "TGIF" (Rough Morning)Photo: "Extensions"Photo: "An-emo-ne"Photo: "Localized Inversion"Photo: "Arctic Entryway"Photo: "Peabrained"Photo: "Solstice 2015"Photo: "Sammich Whale"Photo: "Behold the Aurora"Photo: "Retract Flaps"Photo: "Egg-istential Easter" (pencil)Photo: "Long Winter"Photo: "Flares"Photo: "SagittHAIRius"Photo: "Just Sein"Photo: "Tusk Envy"Photo: "Homer Joke"Photo: "Hump Day"Photo: "Chew Ice"Photo: "Darth maul"Photo: "Mosquito Rain"Photo: "Mosquito Rain" (sketch)Photo: "Mosquito Rain" (doodle)Photo: "Modern Ice Art"Photo: "Halibut Charter"Photo: "Candlefish"Photo: "Walrus Shapewear"Photo: "Aura-ra"Photo: "Chilkoot Pass: Anesthesia"Photo: "Clickbait"Photo: "Booties"Photo: "Symphony" pencilPhoto: "Symphony" inkPhoto: "Symphony" color wash versionPhoto: "Symphony" digital color versionPhoto: "AK Zodiac"Photo: "Fat Mushing"Photo: "AK Genie"Photo: "Xmas 2014 - sketch"Photo: "Xmas 2014"Photo: "Glare Ice"Photo: "Lead Dog"Photo: "Fry-ed"Photo: "Lane Ends"Photo: "Musher Garage"Photo: "AK Rainbow Bridge"Photo: "The Used Musher Lot"Photo: "The Plea Bargain"Photo: "A Dull Tree"Photo: "Cabin Fever"Photo: "Ruminate"Photo: "Partial Eclipse"Photo: "Watering Hole"Photo: "Porcupine Caribou" (wash version)Photo: "Porcupine Caribou"Photo: "Headphones" wash versionPhoto: "Beaver Scat" wash versionPhoto: "Tiananmen Ptarmigan"Photo: "Intercommunication" color wash versionPhoto: "Lifeguards of the Arctic Ocean"Photo: "The Seasonal Coat"Photo: "Bored Dog"Photo: "A Man's Outhouse"Photo: "Winter Is Coming"Photo: "A Bird In The Hand" wash versionPhoto: "I Got This"Photo: "Newspapers in Education"Photo: "Blind Date"Photo: "Find Your Own Voice"Photo: "Meta-Beaver"Photo: "The Toe of God"Photo: "My Little Moosey"Photo: "The Alaska Penguin"Photo: "Browser Crash"Photo: "Idioms"Photo: "Three Bears"Photo: "Fish Wheel"Photo: "WTF?"Photo: "Alaska 911"Photo: "Minivan"Photo: "Alien Intelligence"Photo: "Torpor"Photo: Photo: "The Homesick Alaskan"Photo: 1st "Freeze-Frame" cartoon
Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, 1988Photo: Freeze-Frame: "Seal Clubbing"Photo: Freeze-Frame: "The Bigger the Lure"Photo: Freeze-Frame: "The Humble Beaver"Photo: "Coal for Christmas"Photo: Freeze-Frame: "The Crafty Arctic Fox"Photo: "The Hoary Marmot"Photo: "Broken Belt"Photo: Freeze-Frame: "Push"Photo: "Pull My Flipper"Photo: "Burritos"Photo: "Pitch Tent"Photo: "Model"Photo: "Carrion Luggage"Photo: "De-Calf"Photo: "Lassie"Photo: "Rebellious"Photo: "No Remote"Photo: "The Aisle"Photo: "Catnip"Photo: "Trophy"Photo: "Turbine"Photo: "Valley of the Beagles"Photo: "S.A.D." - part 1Photo: "S.A.D." - part 2Photo: "Bloggers"Photo: "Beaver Slap"Photo: "Burl-y Cartoon"Photo: "Frost Heaves"Photo: "Biscuit Holdup"Photo: "Curls"Photo: "Arctic Water Balloon"Photo: "Way-Below Zero"Photo: "Torture"Photo: "Hydrant"Photo: "Fly-In"Photo: "Spring Training"Photo: Photo: "Trophy Rack"Photo: "Crash-Test Moose"Photo: "Frosty"Photo: "High-Deaf"Photo: "Clown Igloo"Photo: "Space"Photo: "Sun Zombies"Photo: "Blanket Tossed"Photo: "Litterbox"Photo: "Hpothermia/Love"Photo: "Crib Lure"Photo: "White Person Blanket Toss"Photo: "Bunny Boots"Photo: "Alaskan Mood Ring"Photo: "Walk/Run"Photo: "Dam"Photo: "Huffers"Photo: "You Trickster You"Photo: "Snowglobe"Photo: "Hand-dryer"Photo: "Child Restraint"Photo: "Tourist Mauling"Photo: "Mauling" sketchPhoto: "Recycle"Photo: "Plunger"Photo: "Connected"Photo: "Public Broadcasting"Photo: "Explore Alaska"Photo: "Marilyn Musk Ox"Photo: "Mmmm... Bacon..."Photo: "The View"Photo: "Swine Flue"Photo: "Employees Must Wash Hands"Photo: "Iceberg"Photo: "Eye-pawed"Photo: "History"Photo: "Local Folks"Photo: "The Alaskan Cartoonist"Photo: "Whiners"Photo: "Wartime Propaganda"Photo: "Alaska Death"Photo: "Porch Moose"Photo: "A Peaceable Kingdom: Alaska"Photo: "The Humble Beaver"Photo: "Alpha Dog: After the Race"Photo: "Hydrant"Photo: "Narwhal & Unicorn"Photo: "iHerd"Photo: "Big Mosquitoes"Photo: "Big Mosquitoes" - print versionPhoto: "Basic Defense Tactics: the Fetal Position"Photo: "Fetal Position" sketchPhoto: "Play Dead"Photo: "Ice Cream Truckers" - original doodlePhoto: "Ice Cream Truckers" - original washPhoto: "Ice Cream Truckers" - digital print versionPhoto: "Deadliest Ketchup" - original pen & ink + washPhoto: "Deadliest Ketchup" - digital print versionPhoto: "Big Paws"Photo: "Homonym"Photo: "Gangsta Ducks"Photo: "Bungee"Photo: "Bad Toto"Photo: "Short Run"Photo: "Xmas Lights"Photo: "One Room" (pencil)Photo: "One Room" (line art)Photo: "One Room" (preliminary)Photo: "One Room"Photo: "One Room" (print version)Photo: "Bayer"Photo: "Frankenstein Versus The Mummy"Photo: "The Whalers"Photo: "Xer-Oxen"Photo: "Alaskans on Vacation"Photo: "The Owl Signal"Photo: "Dreads"Photo: "Fishbowl"Photo: "GPS"Photo: "Beat of a Different Drummer"Photo: "Altitude"Photo: "Model Train"Photo: "Tickadees"Photo: "Layers"Photo: "Hybrid"Photo: "Perseverance"Photo: "Who Watches the Watchers"Photo: "Parallel Parka-ing"Photo: "Trophy Nuggets"Photo: "Scrimmage"Photo: "Haute Cuisine"Photo: "Totem Dam"Photo: "Courtship"Photo: "Where There's A Will..."Photo: "Bush bluetooth"Photo: "LMAO"Photo: "Restless Leg Syndrome"Photo: "Baby It's Cold Outside"Photo: "Wheee!" (Indoor Training)Photo: "Single-Track Mind"Photo: "Alaska Bucket List"Photo: "The Final Stages"Photo: "Maledicta Sciurus" (Ranting Rodent)Photo: "V-Day 2012"Photo: "Fir Seal"Photo: "Office Marmots"Photo: "Cruise Ship"Photo: "The Alaska Inquisition"Photo: "Rolling in the Snow"Photo: "Lures"Photo: "Hansel & Gretel: Alaska"Photo: "Moose X-ing"Photo: "Cold & Distant"Photo: Photo: "Signs of Spring"Photo: "Biscuits"Photo: "Context"Photo: "Seasonal Migration"Photo: "Fun With Winter Tourists"Photo: "The Homosexual Agenda"Photo: "Xmas 2012"Photo: "Mr. Kringle"Photo: "Dune, Alaska"Photo: "Dune, Alaska"Photo: "Narwhal BBQ"Photo: "Bones"Photo: "Clouds"Photo: "Noir-th to Alaska"Photo: "Excalibeav"Photo: "Denali Nat. Park & Preserves"Photo: "Serenade"Photo: "Cold Feet"Photo: "Quit Smoking"Photo: "Frequent Flier"Photo: "Two Teabaggers"Photo: "Remigrate"Photo: 'Chickadee Fluff"Photo: "That's How We Roll"Photo: "The Mothers of Inversion"Photo: "Pluto"Photo: "Plug-In"Photo: "SIngle Digit"Photo: "Ice Cream Maul"Photo: "Self-Storage"Photo: "Baby Bump"Photo: "Retreating Ice"Photo: "Floss"Photo: "V-Day 2013"Photo: "De-Furred Maintenance"Photo: "Sharing Lynx"Photo: "Tag"Photo: "Running Line"Photo: "Where's the Cat?"Photo: "Where's the Cat?" watercolor/washPhoto: "Page Failed to Load"Photo: "Sour D'oh"Photo: "Owl's Hearing"Photo: "No Pants"Photo: "New Neckware"Photo: "Genetically Modified"Photo: "Alaskan Ophthalmology"Photo: "NSFW(alrus)"Photo: "Log In"Photo: "Silver Surfer"Photo: "Beaver Raft"Photo: "Alaska's Deadliest Kvetch"Photo: "Denali: The Pop-Up Book"Photo: "Blueberries"Photo: "Doctor Poo: The Turdis"Photo: "Hares"Photo: "Marketing"Photo: "A Very Short Alaskan Bedtime Story"Photo: "Wetsuit"Photo: AK V-DayPhoto: "Count Castor"Photo: "Xmas 2013" (pencil)Photo: Xmas 2013 (detail)Photo: "Stocking Stuffers"Photo: "Read Books" pencilPhoto: "Read Books" Inks + ImplementsPhoto: "Read Books" teaser excerptPhoto: "Read Books"Photo: "Read Books" - processPhoto: "Read Books" - original pen + ink/washPhoto: "Space Bar" sketchPhoto: "Space Bar"Photo: "Space Bar" - original pen + ink/washPhoto: "Trouble in the Sacred Grove"Photo: "Sacred Grove" wash versionPhoto: "Fisher"Photo: "Fisher" (sketchbook)Photo: "Xmas 2015: Yeehaw Santa"Photo: "Pipeline Duck"Photo: "Chill-Cat"Photo: "Alone In A Crowd"Photo: "Landed A Trophy"Photo: "Subzero Greenhouse"Photo: "Summer vs Winter Tourists"Photo: "Emotional Support Animal"Photo: "Organic Exfoliating Facial Scrub"Photo: "Cross-Hatchery"Photo: "Room Temperature"Photo: "Broke The Mold"Photo: "Now What"Photo: "Hairy Callus"Photo: "Recess At Thirty-Below"Photo: "Not A Creature Was Stirring... Yet"Photo: "Caribou Do"Photo: "Clean-up"Photo: "Arctic Derangement Syndrome"Photo: "Service Animals"Photo: "Plug-In Cords"Photo: "Little JR's First Subsistence"Photo: "Lay Around All Day"Photo: "That's Dope"Photo: "Breastfeeding"Photo: "Hunter/Gatherer"Photo: "Big Butterflies"Photo: "The Beard Trapper"Photo: "Boiling Water"Photo: "Plotting"Photo: "Neener Neener"Photo: Photo: Photo: "Insulative Properties"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "Forget-Me-Not: Dog & Cat"Photo: Ink & Snow