366 Photos - Jan 1, 2014
Photo: Holiday Lights in my front window, glowing on and off in December 2013 and January 2014Photo: Street lights providing illumination on my street in the winter months.Photo: Trees on my street at dusk, so stately and calm.Photo: Oh I can see the Sun setting seen from my porch on this day. The bright end of the day.Photo: My sweet dog's paws. He crosses his paws as he lies on the floor. This is beautiful to me.Photo: Citrus delivered by neighbor while I was sick.Photo: My wee dog awaiting, wanting. He is so quiet. I assume he is waiting to be petted when I arrive home.Photo: This art work and the work I am going give me a happy feeling to be part of this art world.  Grateful to create a beautiful presentation. as I fall in love with the color , the arrangement.Photo: This sweet person is Wendy who works at The Center at LCC.. The painting is by Janet Essley. Wendy is always friendly and happy in my presences. She liked this painting by Janet and wanted to buy it.Photo: Dinner by Ellen before we go to an authentic life workshop. There was squash soup too.Photo: Very few times in the winter the sun light comes through the window on the east side of my house. This day it came in for a few moments. It is the reflective lights passing through glass jars onto the surface of my paining that hangs in my main room.Photo: My fun Zumba teacher Robin. She is energetic and fun and so great to watch and copy her moves.Photo: A Native blanket pattern on tje blanket given to me from Laura S, for grieving my father's death.Photo: Oh Zumba with Cynthia at the WOW Hall on a wednesday evening. Her step daughter is on stage dancing with her. There is so much fun energy.Photo: My wee dog wiggling on the carpet after I take off his collar and jacket.. and I am homePhoto: I love that in my neighborhood there is a locksmith two blocks from my house. Locally owned and it feels like it is a real business.Photo: The beautiful, woven basket work by Patricia Montoya Donohue, created from natural branches. This piece was inspired by Patricia's ideas and my support for her to make this for the show at David Joyce Gallery.Photo: Along the Willamette on the new path between Dorris Ranch and Clearwater Park. A foggy afternoon in Oregon can be beautiful.Photo: I heat pump and remote are a luxury, giving fast heat and cooling. oh such a great thing in my life. New for about a year.Photo: Today I see the daffodils poking up through the leaves in the front flowerbeds of my house.Photo: After my aerial yoga class I take Ripsi for a walk and see tree shadows on a winter's night. The shadows are created by street lights.Photo: Accomplishment, of making toothpowder, from ingredients I managed to find. Now I know how to do this and I then made lip balm.. This nice jar Kyda who I work with, gave me. I was touched that she gave it to me.Photo: A closeup of a beauty by lynnmarie chapman. I am grateful to work with artists and to be part of their art journey. This detail of her work is so sweet and sensual and luscious.Photo: Another time the sun comes into my life in Winter. It shines in unexpected places, because usually the sky is cloudy and I have no idea where the sunlight would be shining.Photo: There are my dashboard totems. Miss Piggy who takes no grief from any one, the black  extra cab pickup I used to own, and the Latin dancer for all the years I lived in Latin speaking countries.Photo: My new bird feeder with new bird seed. Its a sunny day and I might see some birds on here soon.Photo: One view I have during aerial yoga, usually at the end of class when we are relaxing and integrating the work we have done. I am lying inside the cloth.  I love the color of this ribbon. I like to use a colorful ribbon cloth during the class.Photo: I am grateful for the welcoming feeling of my home, in the winter, dark nights.Photo: Grateful for the arts and culture available in my community. This free performance by Ballet Fantastique and Urban Projections was fun and entertaining.Photo: My travels to and from places, work, I see the sky and the clouds and I can create art along the way.Photo: The art and angles in my daily life are beautiful and inspiring.Photo: Wonderfully happy, dancing times at Vets Club, with Satin Love Orchestra. I am grateful for dancing friends and fun music in crowds of excited dancing peoplePhoto: hDriving into the mountains on a sunny winter day and then Hiking into the mountain to a waterfall. It is beautiful and full and inspiringPhoto: A cup of tea at Creswell Bakery is a treat with a friend. Warm and comforting.Photo: This knitted headband with feather flower has been the most complimented item in my winter experience in 2013-14. I like it a lot and am happy I wandered in Fred Meyer looking for a wrap=around neck cowl and found this and a scarf. I love it. It is cozy.Photo: Shoes are a nice invention. I like shoes and have more than the average person. Shoes and earrings I have too many. These are nice mid range hiking boots I found at a second hand store. I wear them almost every day I take the bus. They are good for walking.Photo: I admire and am thankful for resourcefulness. These are upcycled light fixtures at Cozmic. I like them..Photo: The beautiful, beautiful, shadows and snow on my back deck. Paw prints made by Ripsi, my terrier. The snow is now taller than he is. I love photography.Photo: On a snowy day in February, this wonderful view of the porch swing. A porch swing reminds me of my childhood swinging on the porch as my Aunt Madeline's stone house. I love swings, hammocks, porch swings and I like how the layers work in this photograph.Photo: During the ice storm and snow, I filled all five of my feeders. The result was lots more birds. I loved watching and feeding them.Photo: So very thankful for free wifi as I stop off at Alan Bros to upload photos and check details. Thanks Beanery.Photo: The frigid beauty of ice forming on trees. It is beautiful and can be deadly as limbs fall and tree break in two, hurting plants and living beings as well as cars and houses. Grateful my home and car and body were spared.Photo: Happy to have my art that I am gifted.. This piece I started during the ice and snow storm. Grateful to feel the interior opening to start.Photo: Yeah, so grateful for the workers who labor into the night to repair services.Photo: Oh the dog door is wonderful invention.. My little dog would rather I open the door for him. I do feel gratitude for this convenience.Photo: I feel grateful for the moments I have on the bus and the fun I have taking photographs, altering them and creating a window on my world.Photo: Going through photos and grateful to see this memory of kayaking at Waldo Lake. What a place it is. Thank you universe for making it.Photo: Grateful for a evening walk with Laura, warming temperatures, rain instead of snow, and great conversation.. This photo taken by the light of the streetlamp.Photo: Oh Aerial Yoga,, what an experience I am having. I feel thankful to be able to do such a thing in my life, as my body get older. And thankful to the teacher who shares and teaches me. And also thankful for the colors of these cloths we use.Photo: I am grateful for a shopping center a few blocks from my hone. On a rainy night, when I am feeling ill, it was great to be able to attend to my needs.Photo: I am grateful for my hobbie and fun I have collecting earrings. I like having fun adornments.Photo: oh yes it is over 50 degrees.. Yeah... I am happy to be waiting for the bus in 50 degree weather.Photo: Recently was shopping for window coverings at Penny's. I loved escalators as a child and still love them. I felt grateful to be reminded of my childhood days.Photo: Yoly, Yolanda Valdez, Dr. Yolanda, mi amiga, my friend, my intelligent, funny sensitive friend. I love you.Photo: Fern Ridge Reservoir, the place that I can go in less than 25 minutes to watch birds, see the open sky. On this day it was sunny.. What luck!Photo: A wet Sunday walk along the Ridgeline Trail, south of Eugene, brings forward the wonderous forest that surrounds me with ferns that grow on trees.Photo: Glorious Daffodils,, say Spring! Hello!Photo: The sun is shining and it is after 5pm. Oh wow... walking home the sun is on my face as I come home from workPhoto: I like neon, the feeling in the cafe with the neon light, gives me a cozy sense in my world.Photo: Gratitude for broken things.. No money needed for parking.Photo: The chair, fire, fireplace, warm, comfortable, luxurious cabin on the McKenzie. Delicious.Photo: Tumultuous and very full the McKenzie shows me its power on a rainy, beautiful forested day.Photo: My view for three days. I lay on the bed and look up at the sky and the trees. Out along the McKenzie River in the Oregon forest.Photo: A completed Folkloric Mythic Animal, in a series I have been creating since 1997. My inspiration is a gift.Photo: I like my quick hot water teapot.. I drink tea every day and I like this method.. no stove, not tea kettle to forget.Photo: The daylight increases, on my way home from work in Santa Clara, the sky is beautiful.Photo: Dancing is a wonderful part of my life since I was a toddler. This night it was live music, Zydeco dancing.Photo: I enjoy abstraction, reflection, some wine.Photo: Linda Duffy at Cozmic, was singing so strong, so from her insides. I felt gratitude for how moved I was by her deep connection to her voice, the words and the audience.Photo: My favorite nightlight in my bathroomPhoto: Spring is happening for the asian plum tree in my back yard. It is not raining and I can smell and see the blossoms.Photo: Spirea flower of my childhood. It is full on now. It is a short lived bloom, reminding me of birthdays and picnics from my childhood.Photo: The coop I helped start in early 70's, I am grateful it still exists through the work of many people. One sweet woman Cloud has been very friendly with me. I am grateful for the wholesome, great prices and being part of a coop.Photo: An empty wall is an opportunity. Soon this will hold art once again. I see places for art everywhere. I am glad I see this opportunities.Photo: A detail from the downtown utility box art. So lively and interesting. Thanks City of Eugene.Photo: The beautiful sunlight streaming in the upstairs windows at PeaceHealth, while I wait for the artists and to begin my work.Photo: New position in aerial yoga. Oh my and here I am still, appreciating that I can continue to do this.Photo: I am grateful for a new way to work. Teaching brain injured peeps. This is some of their work and my sample. I am grateful for my artistic abilities, sensibilities.Photo: This beautiful view is available to me as I ride my bike to and from a job north of my house.Photo: Sweet children's artwork for FarmToTable... Going up next week, I am happy to have the connection with Patricia Donohue at Edison.Photo: Enjoying dark beer at a neighborhood pub with a friend. Sigh.. good way to adjust my attitude. I am grateful for places and drink and friend.Photo: My hiking, walking, confidant, friend Ellen, We have such great adventures in the mountains and the valley.Photo: Me on the side of Mt June. I am so grateful to be hiking, mobile, active and enjoying the out of doors.Photo: I love that I can take my own portrait and sometimes it comes out good like this one.Photo: Two friends I appreciate, Yoly and Kathy L. We are at Vets Club for music, dancing, beverages and food.Photo: The great pathway along the Willamette on a sunny, Spring day. What a gift.Photo: Tulips!!! in my front yard. Spring is a lovely time of year.Photo: Happy to be reconnected with Stephanie, my long time Samba Ja bell section buddy. Now we are doing Zumba together and going to music events. What a treat.Photo: I ride the bus a few times a week. I am grateful for the opportunity to walk a few blocks to and from the stop, for being transported without need to pay attention to the traffic. And this ride reminded me of the wild bus rides had in Spain. Fast and bumpy and similar to a carnival ride.Photo: oh this beautiful, sweet pottery that I purchased at the David Joyce Gallery will be hanging in my home..soon. I appreciate the feeling it brings into my life.Photo: Art, art, art. Colors and interpretation. I am grateful you are in my life.Photo: Bananas, I am really liking bananas. Sweet and wholesome snack, delicious with other breakfast foods, smoothies.. I have a new appreciation for bananas.Photo: I am glad I at last ordered and am changing my window coverings. These blinds I have wanted for years. I am grateful to have income to spend on them. They go up from bottom and down from the top. They are a wonderful creamy buttermilk color.Photo: I am grateful to have two hands and for all they do, typing, weeding, holding my bike handlebars, paddling a kayak, cooking, petting, drawing, painting, holding, so much.Photo: I am grateful for the places nearby for walking and seeing new waterfowl and birds.. This time ring-necked duck and redheaded woodpecker.Photo: Grateful that the low air tire can be fixed. and I got to take Ripsi inside..Photo: I am grateful for the change in the weather. I can wear sandals some of the time.. Nice to out of socks.. and tie shoes.Photo: This was on my local bucket list, to attend Chef's Night Out. And I did this. I am grateful for the event, that I am working to pay for it and that it is a fundraiser with lots of food and drink.Photo: Oh the aroma is so sweet. I am grateful for these heritage Lilac bushes.. White and Lavender and Purple giving off scent in my yard. Deliscious.Photo: The sun so very bright I do love you, I am thankful for the strong rays as I walk home on a Spring day.Photo: My gift to create is a wonderful part of my life. I am grateful.Photo: Oh happy day, the first kayak outing of the season at Triangle Lake and my friend Adrienne is my companion.. We are the only ones on the lake on this day. And I love nature's vegetation, the lily pads the color of them is so eye-catching.Photo: oh so long I have wanted a stacking washer dryer.. I am working and able to purchase .. just about ready to use. thankful for the assistance I received installing.Photo: Spring has really arrived with Llilacs, plum tree blossoms, green, green, green, and vining raspberries. I am gratefulPhoto: The beautiful moon that I love is shining, the red moon..Photo: I am grateful for the earth's gracious gifts of leaves.Photo: Spirea,, a favorite spring plant, blooming to remind me of my childhood. I am grateful for the fragrance.Photo: I copied my neighbor who pulls sticky labels from fruit. I am doing it too. I like it..Photo: I am grateful to be able to cook..Photo: Grateful for Spring rain on my street.Photo: Roses at the rose garden.. first to come out. Sweet aroma I am grateful for.Photo: I feel gratitude for the massage school clinic.. a massage for an hour for $20.Photo: I am grateful for my humor that has kept this cartoon for so many years.Photo: A wonderful Sunday brunch prepared by my friend Chris. I am grateful for her friendship and the nice food.Photo: I am grateful the washer works..Photo: I am grateful for people who care about waterways and make these reminders.Photo: Oh the most gorgeous clouds on this day. I am so grateful to notice them and see them.Photo: I am grateful for unexpected fun at country two step in Springfield with my friend Kathy.Photo: Grateful for completing a Mythic Animal piece.. Yeah!Photo: Another night of grateful fun with photos, out in the night and being transported. I like it.Photo: Oh I do appreciate others who know what I do not know. I am grateful for this work.Photo: I am grateful for my never ending interest in taking photographs and seeing art everywhere.Photo: Grateful for my adventurous spirit... I will try new things, new places, and sometime the experience is sooo fun and sometimes well not much or a something bizarre.Photo: Grateful for food and the adventure I feel in trying new ways to cook.Photo: Hmmmm, grateful to have a place to have fun eating soup and giving my money towards things I believe in.Photo: Grateful for the results and it works.. my experiment.Photo: Grateful to have work that is in the arts.. and feel I am appreciated.Photo: Big gratitude for Yoly who cooks and shared and has celebrations and sharesPhoto: Grateful for the luscious roses on my front porch.Photo: Oh I like to made new foods. I made my own salsa,, thanks to meeting a friend of a friend. Grateful to like to try new ideas and love when they go well.Photo: Grateful for a vision of the ocean in the month of May.Photo: Grateful for a spiritually enriching sunset.Photo: My heart is lifted by the clouds and the wind and the wonder of this kite.Photo: I am grateful for my presence and this self portrait.Photo: I am grateful for noticing this very unusual mix of ocean life and human waste. Looks artistic to me.Photo: Oh my friend Yoly, at the beach. Grateful for the sun and happiness with others.Photo: Oh I am grateful for colors and imagination.Photo: Grateful for the gift of this food and the support of the culinary staff and students where I work.Photo: I am grateful for this sky.. I feel I can breathe.Photo: I am grateful for the fun of art..Photo: This day I was grateful for education and learning.Photo: Grateful for the abundance of food and invention of producers.Photo: Grateful for sweet Leah, my goddaughter.Photo: Grateful for the talented Ivan Coyote. A giant pleasure listening and seeing this person.Photo: Happy Celebration for Yoly. Graduation, birthday, work. I am grateful to be part of the celebration.Photo: I am grateful for new experiences. Drink and draw was fun.Photo: I am grateful for shadows.Photo: Giant giant gratefulness for Odell Lake and the beauty of the mountains.Photo: Grateful for the rain that makes the forest grow and gives us water.Photo: Grateful to travel with my friend Adrienne into the mountains and we see snow.Photo: Grateful for this view at Opal Creek.Photo: Grateful for wildflowers.. oh so sweet.Photo: I am again grateful for the sky. Grateful to be driving home from a hike and seeing the clouds.Photo: Grateful for a sunny, musical, food, beverage, friend, birthday afternoon.Photo: Grateful for my artistic feeling about the sky and where I am.Photo: Grateful to meet this wee one, Minnie.Photo: Grateful for the nice photo my friend Robin took.Photo: Grateful for this challenging yoga class.Photo: Grateful for a sunny, pleasant evening with a friend having wine in a place I used to go to so long ago.Photo: Grateful for sharing a monthly dinner with a friend.Photo: Grateful for Kiva in my life.Photo: Oh the rainy day at Mt. Pisgah learning about pollinators and being with Ellen. I am grateful.Photo: Thankful and grateful for the flowers neighbors plant.Photo: When the day comes cooler, grateful for a fire and candles and a wee dog.Photo: Gratitude for windows, sun and a green view.Photo: Grateful to learn to work with new people.Photo: Gratitude for the joy I see in artistic children.Photo: oh so grateful for the beauty I can witnessPhoto: Grateful for feelings and memories of trips and times at Odell Lake Lodge.Photo: Grateful to work with new, artistic people.Photo: Grateful to teach myself new ways to be artistic.Photo: Grateful to witness the art work of Mike Pease and all his talentPhoto: Grateful for the gathering honoring a long time friend who has passed.Photo: Grateful for the moon and her twin streetlight.Photo: Oh so grateful for the greeness of Oregon ..Photo: Oh my gosh grateful for having lived through the adventures of my youth.Photo: Grateful for the plantlife and kayaking to see it.Photo: Grateful to be part of this pathway that belongs to Mike Pease.. as we install his artwork.Photo: Grateful for the opportunity to change this hallway into a Hallway of HopePhoto: Grateful for another year of living..Photo: Grateful for breakfast and arts peepsPhoto: Grateful for energizing music..Photo: Grateful for beer and time with a friend in my neighborhood.Photo: Grateful a happy notice.Photo: Oh so grateful for spice saucePhoto: I am grateful for art pens and pencilsPhoto: Oh so lovely beautiful flowers I am grateful for in my yard.Photo: Grateful for meeting artists and loving their work..Photo: More sweet flowers in my yard.. Tiny ones  to be grateful for.Photo: Grateful to part of changes in peoples livesPhoto: Just plain ole beautiful Oregon I am grateful to see and live in.Photo: Grateful how I can teach myself and then teach others.Photo: Grateful for memories and trips in the pastPhoto: Grateful for a playful toe and fingernail painting.Photo: Grateful I have more than I can use and I let things go.Photo: Grateful for a revisiting the cemetary where I created the show for my dad.Photo: Grateful for Kiva sharing her new pup...Photo: Oh so much fun to plan hiking. I am grateful.Photo: Grateful for beargrass seen in the mountains.Photo: Grateful to think of my father.Photo: Look at this floor. Grateful to be dancing here.Photo: Grateful for music and dancing in my neighborhood.Photo: Grateful for flowers brought to me for my birthday.Photo: Yummy food and beverage at local dining.. with friends.. I am grateful.Photo: Grateful to me in the midst of the reservoir with animals, insects and birds.Photo: Grateful for this view.Photo: Grateful for inspiring programs about photography.Photo: Nine years of gratitude for AlAnon.Photo: Grateful for a place to sit and work..Photo: Oh this is the best place to be on a sunny Oregon morning. I am grateful.Photo: Another great place to be on a foggy and misty Oregon morning. I am grateful.Photo: I have gratitude for color.Photo: Summer gratitude for warm days and water.Photo: Happily grateful for my new tattoo.Photo: Grateful for inventions that keep my kitchen free or shrews.Photo: Photo: Grateful this wee one who came to me at Whiteaker Creek.Photo: Grateful for the vision through the trees.Photo: Oh so grateful for looking up, sky, tree.Photo: Grateful for a view of the mountains.Photo: Grateful for the markers and signs and the trails.Photo: Grateful for my boots that take me hiking.Photo: Grateful for directions and maps.Photo: Grateful for unexpected flowers in allies.Photo: Grateful for friends around me at the park.Photo: So fun to feel grateful for the turkeys crossing my path at LCC.Photo: Grateful for this fountain and the water and being outdoors.Photo: Giantly grateful for the view of the towering mountains.Photo: Grateful to fee safe walking at night during the neighborhood festivalPhoto: Grateful for the fun I have making photos.Photo: Grateful for flan at a pool party.Photo: Grateful for sun, sky, clouds.Photo: Grateful for Salt Creek Falls and the air in the mountains..Photo: Grateful for a glimpse of snow at Crater Lake in teh summer.Photo: I am deeply grateful to be here at this place in my state.Photo: What a view I am grateful to have..Photo: Grateful for the color in the sunset.Photo: Grateful so grateful for the clouds and the reflectionPhoto: Grateful for Opal CreekPhoto: Grateful for the memories and artwork at Odell Lake LodgePhoto: Grateful for the times I went sailing.Photo: Grateful for the river nearby my house.Photo: Grateful for my new gate,Photo: Grateful for this peaceful location on a trip home from the beachPhoto: Grateful for the light and the beach and my vision.Photo: Grateful for trees and wind that make them sculptures.Photo: Grateful for how I feel when I look at this photograph.Photo: Grateful for my adventures and feeling afraid and going ... when it is rough and windy.Photo: Grateful for being in the outdoors.Photo: Grateful for inventive artistic events.Photo: Grateful for treats in the park.Photo: Again, again, Again,, sun and water I am grateful.Photo: Grateful for this view.Photo: Grateful for Waldo lake.Photo: Grateful for adventuring friends.Photo: Grateful for help.Photo: More views and gratitude.Photo: Grateful for reflections.Photo: Garden gratitude, plenty.Photo: Grateful for seeing the clouds and sky.Photo: Grateful for a great event I am at.Photo: Grateful to see beauty when I work.Photo: Grateful to be part of fun events.Photo: Grateful for balloonsPhoto: Grateful for my machine making pesto.Photo: Grateful for plenty of basilPhoto: Grateful for Ellen.Photo: Grateful for rainy hikes.Photo: Grateful for wildflowers after they bloom.Photo: Gratitude for the way light works.Photo: Grateful with a photo turns out like this.Photo: Grateful for how the sun moves into the window in the fall.Photo: Grateful to share grief.Photo: Grateful I am alive to see this.Photo: Grateful to travel with kayaks.Photo: Grateful for sunsets on lakes.Photo: Grateful for the unusual life forms..Photo: Grateful for my friend Adrienne.Photo: Grateful for this how it looks, how it feels.Photo: Grateful to touch and hold this leaf.Photo: Gratitude for nearby lively places.Photo: Grateful to be able to move with others.Photo: Gratitude for my vision.Photo: Grateful for smooth waters.Photo: Gratitude for tools to make art.Photo: Grateful for this view on the way to work.Photo: Grateful for this crazy night and the color.Photo: Grateful this is not about me.Photo: Grateful for Laura, such a good companion.Photo: Grateful for the fog..Photo: Grateful another day of morning sunshine.. on the bridge.Photo: Grateful for color in front of my house.Photo: Grateful for end of the season flowers.Photo: Grateful for the light on my porch.Photo: Grateful for the full moon on the hilltop.Photo: Grateful for this quiet view and colorful lakeside reflection.Photo: Grateful for my continuing love of being outdoors.Photo: Grateful for my skill in creating a feeling.Photo: Grateful for this sign and beautiful and succinct it isPhoto: Thank for a setting sun graveyard walk with a friend.Photo: Grateful for Oregon waterfalls.Photo: Oh my gratitude for how this feels, in the forest, on the path.Photo: Gratitude as I look up to the sky, to the trees,to the clouds.Photo: Grateful for the color the bright sun the fall.Photo: Grateful for the ferns in the woods and at my house.Photo: Grateful for shadows and angles, and changing leaves.Photo: Grateful for ladybugs in my garden.Photo: Grateful for neon signs in frame shops.Photo: Grateful for hears that I draw.Photo: Grateful for rain on metal.Photo: Grateful for birds in photographs where I work.Photo: Grateful for the memory of Hope.Photo: Grateful for sun shinning on bottles.Photo: Grateful for clouds making shapes.Photo: So grateful for lichen, in the woods, and the light.Photo: Grateful to have work in designing and installing art.Photo: Grateful for tiny mushrooms.Photo: Grateful for a time away with a friend and sunlight in the morning.Photo: Grateful for the artists and their friends coming to see the show.Photo: Grateful for the magnitude of the view as I walk along the reservoir with a friend.Photo: Grateful for Mary who helps with every show..Photo: Grateful for my studio table and the set up there.Photo: Grateful for Michael Franti what  fine human being.Photo: Grateful for the light shinning through her hair.Photo: Grateful for sitting and talking and sharing a beer with my friend.Photo: Grateful for the gorgeous sky..as I walk into work.Photo: I am grateful for favorite bike. I love bicycling.Photo: Oh so grateful for the changes in keeping track.Photo: Grateful for a rainy evening walk him me in the leaf strewn walkway.Photo: Grateful for my ticket to see David Sedaris. He is so funny.Photo: Grateful for the lights at a friends party.Photo: Grateful for these seeds inside the squash I cooked to share with friendsPhoto: Very grateful for the new bike helmut I won in the Drive Less ChallengePhoto: On very frightened small dog arrived. I am grateful others have rescued her.Photo: Grateful for this fun bikeway for the path downtownPhoto: Grateful to finish my second mobile made from can lids..Photo: Oh this world it so beautiful. I am grateful how I see it.Photo: Grateful to learn how to assist in fostering we bitty ones who need help.Photo: A rainbow on a weekend walk. I am grateful.Photo: I am grateful for clouds that changes every day..Photo: I am grateful to be able to hike and see the view.Photo: I am grateful to be able to create artwork that reflects what I see in the natural world.Photo: Grateful for the moon through the night sky and clouds.Photo: Grateful the rescue pup is sleeping.Photo: I am grateful to have electricity to power the insect lights.Photo: oh so grateful for my new staff badge so I can work the copier and get into the building if I need.Photo: Grateful for trying some ways to carry the little dog like a baby. Keep her from crying.Photo: And grateful for the shapes I see in the animal form.Photo: Grateful for my way of seeing and the details that a camera sees. How the square makes a story.Photo: Grateful to be invited to a birthday gathering of an acquaintance who is 75.Photo: I am grateful to see this form with my body and the animal body.Photo: Grateful for the reminder on a wall.Photo: Grateful to be in the art world and for the people I meet. Here it is Amy the gallery owner.Photo: Grateful for seeing art in my everyday world. An umbrella, ran, and tree leaves.Photo: Grateful for chewy things for the rescue pup. I love to see close up.Photo: Grateful for the light coming through the blind in the morning and these leaves.Photo: Grateful for this gift of narcissus bulbs from my friend.Photo: I am grateful to see this reflection and shape.. I like it.Photo: I am grateful to part of seeing these fun paintings.Photo: I am grateful for my neighbors who invite me every year to a Solstice Party.Photo: I am grateful for a neighbor's humorPhoto: I feel grateful for the light of candles during a Solstice CelebrationPhoto: I am grateful for a gift left for me from people I know very slightly.Photo: I feel grateful for running water in my home, day and night, hot and cold.Photo: I feel grateful I can walk up and down stairs.Photo: i feel grateful to be able to walk into a building and be provided medical attention, flu shot to protect me from some disease this winter.