57 Photos - Oct 30, 2013
Photo: The painter in her studio in New York (early 1960s) Newspaper photograph.Photo: After the visit to the Metropolitan Museum (1960s; oil on wood panel)Photo: The Red Wine Glass (oil on wood, 1965)Photo: The White Wine Glass (oil on wood, 1965)Photo: Clipping of Prix de Monaco news - awarded in 1965 for "Anxiety"Photo: Anxiety - Prix de Monaco 1965, oil on woodPhoto: Ruyters with Dali (New York, 1965)Photo: News clipping of show at the Schoneman Galleries in New York (1966) that followed one man show at the Sagittarius Gallery in 1963 - with painting of "Never,Never Land"Photo: The painter with her daughter and a couple of portraits of her daughter Claude (newspaper photograph; 1960s, New York)Photo: Portrait of Claude (oil on gold leaves)Photo: Claude squinting in the sunshine (sketch, private property)Photo: Portrait of her daughter Claude (private property)Photo: Portrait of her husband André (private property)Photo: Portrait of Ms. Barbara Eisenhower (oil on wood panel, 1964, private property))Photo: Portrait of Princess Elisabeth of Yugoslavia (oil on wood panel, 1965, private property)Photo: Portrait on gold leaves of Mrs.Jaffe (Annenberg)Photo: Portrait of Mrs. Barbara Lippe on gold leaves (1964)Photo: Portrait of Mrs. Zauderer New York, 1965) Oil on woodPhoto: Portrait on gold leaves of Duke Pini di San Miniato (New York, 1966)Photo: Portrait of the wife of the Finnish Ambassador in Belgium, announced in L'Evantail magazine, January 1974Photo: Portrait of Mrs. Vlerick, wife of Belgian Finance Minister, Brussels 1972  - oil on woodPhoto: Portrait of Prince Michele di Linguaglossa (Rome, 1982) oil on woodPhoto: The Promise of Love (oil on wood, 1967)Photo: The Help (Rome, 2001) oil on woodPhoto: Italian couple - fruit seller, Rome 1987Photo: Spring (oil on gold leaves, 1966)Photo: The Young Girl and the Earth - oil on gold leaves (large painting: 150 cm x 115 cm)Photo: Monkey and red bird (1965) oil on gold leavesPhoto: One of her most recent paintings: monkey and fly (oil on wood, 2007)Photo: Afterlife (New York, 1966) oil on woodPhoto: Never, Never Land (1965, oil on wood panel)Photo: Birth - 1995 RomePhoto: The fight after the birth Rome)Photo: The Dream - 1967 (New York) oil on woodPhoto: "Civilization", oil on gold leaves (1992)Photo: Flowers, bird and insects (2006; oil on wood)Photo: Nature Morte (Rome,1998Photo: Left panel Annunciation trypticPhoto: Middle panel Annunciation tryptic (Bogota 1959) Oil on woodPhoto: Right panel Annunciation trypticPhoto: Assumption (in St. Sophia Church, on altar) 1960 Bogotà, ColombiaPhoto: Innocence (Rome, 1999) oil on woodPhoto: The wounded (2007)Photo: Woman and child  (2004; oil on wood)Photo: The Hunt, tapestry (Aubusson manufacture, 1971)Photo: Duck (detail)Photo: This is the original design for the tapestry  woven by Chaudoir (Brussels, 1973) -  a gift of King Baudouin to Podgorny, head of the Soviet Government in course of official visitPhoto: Tapestry: Autumn (woven by Aubusson, France, 1973)Photo: Marine World Tapestry (woven by Chaudoir, 1970)Photo: Tapestry (Aubusson) 1969Photo: Table top: bird on gold leaves (part of furniture set) 1968Photo: painted gold leaf table top (1970; French & Co)Photo: Portrait of Tilly Claessens (1943)Photo: Nude (drawing on paper) Brussels 1940Photo: Egyptian boy (1950s, ink and pencil drawing on paper)Photo: Egyptian woman (1950s, ink and pencil drawing)Photo: A drawing of Simone Ruyters (made by daughter Claude - oil on acrylic