146 Photos - Nov 17, 2013
Photo: Depart from Dulles, Sep 14,  taking the new A381. It is gigantic.Photo: First morning in Paris! Glorious skies. En route to Versailles, right from the plane, no time to lose.Photo: Photo: Scottish pipers in Paris?Photo: Yes, it is just next to Tour Eiffel. We are headed toward the RER-C trains station.Photo: And here we are at Versailles...don't have a clue how long the line is...Photo: Now we know. This is only a very small portion of the line. It took us almost 2 hr to enter.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The chapel in VersaillesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Louis XIV, the Sun King. He built the palace, lived there until his death.Photo: Photo: Le Chateau de Versailles gardensPhoto: The Hall of Mirrors. Louis' bedroom is just behind it.Photo: And this is the bedroom of Louis XIV . Opulent.Photo: Photo: An entrance to the Hall of MirrorsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: The Queen's bedroomPhoto: Only walking  the gardens takes hours.Photo: Just one wing of the Chateau. The entire Chateau is enormous. At some point there were close to 20,000 people there - the entire court and the Government. Louis XIV wanted to closely monitor his noblemen.Photo: Photo: I lost the count of the fountainsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Second day. Boarding Bateoux Mauches for a day cruise on Seine.Photo: Photo: Pont Alexandre III. My favorite of all bridges.Photo: Photo: Photo: Musee d'OrsayPhoto: Palais des TuileriesPhoto: Photo: The oldest bridge, Pont NeufPhoto: Photo: Photo: Notre Dame from the east sidePhoto: Photo: The dome of Sainte-Chapelle. It is coming shortly.Photo: The Conciergerie and the Court of CassationPhoto: Conciergerie ("the keeper", on the left) of the Charles V palace which he ceased to use in the 14th century and where he placed his law courts. The right part is the  Court of Cassation.Photo: Right, my favorite, the Alexandre III bridge in ever better light as we are headed  back.Photo: Photo: Pont de Bir-Hakeim. The M6 line is here, that's  the best above-ground view from the Metro. We rode across it several times.Photo: Photo: The end of the La Seine cruise. We loved it, decided we are taking the dinner trip to celebrate our 30th anniversary.Photo: Short stop at La Jardin De PlantesPhoto: No, these are not pebbles, they are cactusPhoto: Aboard our dinner cruise. No cameras, no distraction. Only bad phone shots.Photo: Photo: Photo: Well, that was a paid professional photographer. These are  scans from the paper photos.Photo: Photo: Good-bye shot from my phone. The best evening ever.Photo: Musee d'Orsey. I know you know it is an old train station. Just in case.Photo: The clock as it was in the old train station.Photo: Photo: A shot through the window of the upper floor. The dome of the Grand Opera on left. Sacre-Coeur on the right.Photo: Day 4. Place de la Concorde, before diving into the Louvre.Photo: Photo: The line into the Louvre, not too badPhoto: Shooting in the Louvre pretty much does not make sense because everything is mesmerizing. And no, I don't have a picture of the Mona Lisa, it is a silly thing to do. I  was only soaking the experience (after an elbow fight to the painting...)Photo: Photo: Photo: One of the red rooms (David's paintings)Photo: The sculptures collectionsPhoto: Photo: The fisherman, all is marble, including the eyesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Napoleon appartmentsPhoto: Photo: The OperaPhoto: Lafayette Mall, the place to shop Louis VuittonPhoto: At the Opera, for an espresso and a glass of winePhoto: Photo: Photo: On the Tour Eiffel, first floor, view toward Musée de l'ArméePhoto: View toward MontmartrePhoto: Arc de TriomphePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: At the very topPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Eiffel had an apartment  at the top of the tower  where he entertained guests. It is still up there. These are wax figures of Gustav Eiffel and Thomas Edison sitting in the living room.  The tower was actually Eiffel's property.Photo: View to the west,  modern part of the city. The first bridge below is the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. Remember, the  M6 line?Photo: Panorama from the first floor.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This is how the elevator was operated in the early days. The "conductor" was outside at all times, rain or shine. The original elevator (colored in brown) is  preserved, and the new one (colored in orange) is actually on top of it.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: The night shows! The dome of the Musée de l'Armée on the backdrop, on the left.Photo: Photo: Photo: In the Notre Dame. The south rosette.Photo: Photo: The organ and the west rosettePhoto: The stained glass is beautiful, but wait to see Sainte-ChapellePhoto: And inside the Sainte-Chapelle. It is a little known chapel because the nearby Notre Dame claims the crowds. However, it has the largest and the most astounding stained glass windows.Photo: The chapel was under restoration. The windows are taken apart, piece by piece, cleaned up, and put together back. These are the cleaned ones. The cost runs in tens of millions euros. They are half way through.Photo: Cleaned windows on the right, dirty ones on the left.Photo: Every segment of the rosette is some different biblical story.Photo: Photo: Somewhere in the Latin quarterPhoto: Le Jardin du LuxembourgPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Luxembourg gardens are the best place to relax after exhaustive walks through Paris.Photo: I had to have one last photo ops of La Tour EiffelPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Musée de l'Armée, is actually an entire huge complex known as L'Hôtel national des Invalides. This building is housing  the tomb  of Napoleon.Photo: The gardens on the south side of the Musée de l'ArméePhoto: The dome above the Tomb of NapoleonPhoto: The sarcophagus of NapoleonPhoto: The Altar above the Tomb. Behind the Altar is a big chapel, we'll see it shortly.Photo: Photo: The chapel,  Église Saint-Louis-des-Invalides, at Musée de l'Armée. The flags are trophies from various victorious battles.Photo: We were lucky to enter when an organist started practicing. We got one hour of mind blowing performance.Photo: The museum of RodinPhoto: Photo: The Gate to Hell. Rodin incorporated all his work into this one sculpture.Photo: One last stroll along La Seine and one last look at Bateaux Mouches...Photo: The best trip we ever had, hope we can come again.