96 Photos - May 4, 2012
Photo: Nearing Yosemite. Day 1, S95. #3387Photo: Gates of the Valley, left side SX. #213Photo: Scene in higher area. Day 1 (Canon SX10) #2142 Taken from the bus.Photo: Bridalveil Fall from Tunnel View, Day 1, SX10. #2157Photo: Where it Falls, seen from Tunnel View, Day 1, SX10. #2158Photo: Tunnel View tree against floor of Bridalveil area , Day 1. SX. #2150Photo: Last view from Valley-tour bus - Yosemite Falls, Day 1. #3508Photo: *DAY 2* - Valley 'tram' tour. Mtns from meadow. S95. It's a bus until April. #3539Photo: Looked closer at snowy area there, Day 2. S95 #3542Photo: Cathedral Spires and Middle Cathedral Rock, Day 2, S95. #3553   
  As you can see, we're high up, still on the valley tour bus. Wispy, isolated cloudlets even near the bottom of that rock.Photo: Cousin's Canon S95 used by guide Herb for this.Photo: El Capitan, from EC meadow, Day 2. S95. #3549Photo: Merced River, from moving shuttle, Day 2, S95. #3554Photo: 'Gates of the Valley' or 'Valley View'  -- El Capitan on left, BridalVeil Fall at right, Day 2Photo: Closer: Bridalveil, 'Gates of the Valley' Day 2, SX10. #2198Photo: Taken from bus window. I've no idea what this higher area is that struck me two days in a row.  Day 2 this time. S95 #3569hPhoto: Shots of this high area are from a bus, through the window, (on two days).  This has more more context.  Day 2 , S95Photo: Fern Spring. The shot in Oct. at http://www.pbase.com/andrys/image/139340048 shows you how it looked in the Fall with much more water flow when our Yosemite workshop was photographing it. It's a popular photo subject, though I had no idea when Dave Wyman led us to it.Photo: Tunnel View, Day 2, SX10 #2209   It was also called "Discovery View" by those who came upon the valley from this area.  El Capitan, Cloud's Rest, Half Dome, Sentinel Dome, Cathedral Rocks and Bridalveil Fall.Photo: Half Dome from Tunnel View, Day 2, S95. #3579  
  That's Cloud's Rest to the right of Half Dome (or to the left from our view).Photo: Tunnel View, Day 2, S95 #3590 -- El Capitan, Cloud's Rest, Half Dome, Sentinel Dome, Cathedral Rocks and Bridalveil FallPhoto: Tunnel View, Day 2, S95. Bridalveil Fall #3592 -- 
  Cathedral Rocks and Bridalveil Fall.  That's snowy Sentinel Dome peeking (peaking) above to the left.Photo: Tunnel View - Day 2, using my Canon S95, ISO 100Photo: Tunnel View - Day 2, using cousin Ely's Canon S95, ISO 320 (Auto-exposure)Photo: Guide and photographer, Herb, Tunnel View, Day 2. S95. #3589crPhoto: Touristy or not (and there are reasons for the treasured visits from hordes of us), this view of Tunnel View from the bus gives an idea of what the view is like when first arriving and seeing it. 
  In the past, people 'discovered' this view in other ways. People are also an important part of life, so I like seeing (a few) OTHER tourists who are loving a place.Photo: Three Brothers (or, 2.7 of them), Day 2. #3600Photo: This photo of Half Dome (SX10 IS) was taken from another meadow that Herb showed us on Day 2 not accessible to cars.  The trees at the top-right give an idea of the size of that.Photo: Royal Arches under North Dome, Day 2, SX10 #2258Photo: Ahwahnee Hotel sitting room, Day 2. #3625Photo: Entrance to Ahwahnee Hotel dining room. #3627Photo: Ahwahnee Lunch salad. #3670Photo: Looked like Guiling, China to me. Day 2, S95, #3680Photo: Cloud partially hides Upper Yosemite Falls. Day 2, S95, #3681Photo: At the entrance to the path to Lower Yosemite Falls, Day 2 #3683,Photo: This shows duo or triple mountains, Day 2. #3684. 
  Which of the two works better ?Photo: To Lower Yosemite Falls. Liked what the rain was doing to the wood.Photo: On path to Lower Falls, Day 2, SX10. #2267Photo: Path to Lower Yosemite Falls in rain-soaked color. Day 2, SX. #2277Photo: BIG boulder with moss and Lichen growth. SX10 IS SX. #2279Photo: To Lower Falls, Day 2. SX. #2280Photo: Tree on its own piece of land, Day 2. SX #2281Photo: Tree on rock home, Lower Falls. Day 2. SX #2282Photo: Lower Yosemite Falls, March. SX.. #2296  
  Rain-saturated scenesPhoto: Lower Yosemite Falls, March. SX.. #2296 In mid-March 2012. 
 Yosemite Falls is barely running and some years it doesn't, in March.Photo: Pic *from short videoclip*  #1 of 2  the first one was taken with my Canon SX10 IS camera while rain and waterfall drops were falling ON the lens. Yes, not a bright thing to do. -- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JLXKnZmWdjYT 
... The memory card was no longer writable after that !  but it was readable. 
 The 2nd one, of two, shows where the small Fall flows after dropping to the bottom -- www.youtube.com/watch?v=CmEsA4beygg (It was not Spring yet, and often there's no water in early March).Photo: Immediate flow from Lower Falls, March. SX. #2291.  
  Umbrella'd visitors at top of picture.Photo: After the Fall, it flows away...Day 2. SX. #2290  
  Had rain drops on my lens by this time (and wasn't wiping them off ).Photo: Mountain Lodge window scene, Day 2 dinner.  #3695. 
  The dinner window view is of Yosemite Falls, right center. 
  Note the wall photograph reflected.Their walls are covered by very large photographs, sold at the Ansel Adams exhibit store.Photo: Half Dome from Yosemite Lodge room (its patio) w/zoom. SX10Photo: The Lodge area and surroundings, Morn', Day 3. #3701Photo: Sun ! Shadows! On way to valley shuttle. Finally, some blue sky. Day 3. #3702  
  I enjoyed being able to see  the texture of those mountains in higher contrast now.Photo: First view of Yosemite waterfalls without overcast skies. #3700Photo: Yosemite Falls from the lodge. Longer version (which Picasa can't display) is sort of fun -- http://www.pbase.com/image/142616378 ... This is before we left to explore Yosemite Valley for the day.Photo: Here's an explanation from http://geology.com/articles/yosemite-glaciers of the formation short-shrifted at the top of this image.Hanging Valleys and Waterfalls -- "During the time of maximum glacial advance, a large trunk glacier filled Yosemite Valley.  Smaller tributary glaciers flowed down adjacent valleys and merged into the trunk. 
  When the glaciers retreated, the trunk glacier had cut a much deeper valley than the tributary glaciers, forming hanging valleys where the tributary glaciers joined the trunk. Today waterfalls such as Yosemite Falls and Bridalveil Falls mark the mouths of these hanging valleys. This was taken from the bus window as we were pulling away from Yosemite Lodge.Photo: From the bus - same scene by the lodge but not showing the top of the Falls.Photo: Later at Cook's Meadow, Cloud over Falls, Day 3, #2309pPhoto: At Cook's Meadow, Clouds over Yosemite Falls, Day 3, SX10 #2309Photo: Changing skies, Yosemite Falls from Cook's Meadow, Day 3.  On this one, I lay down in the meadow and waited for the sun to break through the cloudsto light up certain areas of the scene. The shifting light was definitely interesting to watch. Usually, Yosemite Falls is not running this early, so we were lucky. It had been almost totally dry in October.  S95 #3739Photo: Closer - Upper and Lower Yosemite Falls, from Cook's Meadow, S95. #3733Photo: Closer. SX10 zoom. #2337Photo: Meadow growth, dreaming about some of that distant water... SX10 #2336Photo: Bottom of Upper Yosemite Falls.  SX10. #2310Photo: Yosemite Falls up even closer, SX10. #2363Photo: Area above LOWER Yosemite Falls.#3757cr -- There's also a third one in the middle.Photo: Other end of Cook's Meadow. #3764, Day 3. Ely providing Kodak colorPhoto: Discombobulated at Cook's Meadow, Day 3. S95 #3788 
  That's how hard it was to get up after lying down for so long :-)Photo: Finally saw Half Dome when at other end of Cook's Meadow, Day 3, S95 #3793Photo: Snowy section of Half Dome at left middle section. #2342Photo: North Dome with Royal Arches. Faces Half Dome. #2354. 
  You can see the snowy section of Half Dome there too, on the right.Photo: Half Dome from Cook's Meadow, Day 3, S95 #3799Photo: Half dome from Cook's Meadow, Day 3, S95 #3801Photo: Closer up. #3779Photo: Half Dome ledge -- start of straight-up section. #2345Photo: Infoboard nearby. #3804Photo: WEBCAM - Ahwahnee Meadow 3 days later. 
 The Yosemite Conservancy Org's Ahwahnee Meadow webcam image, which of course changes through the day daily and viewable at http://www.yosemiteconservancy.org/webcams/view-ahwahnee-meadow ... 
 Just 30 minutes later, the view of Half Dome was obliterated by the snow/fog -- http://www.andrys.com/ahwahnee-meadow_3-days-later-webcam-1030am.jpg -- The Weather: 32 degrees at the time (aka freezing) -- http://www.andrys.com/weather-sunday-031812_10-30am.gif ... 

 And then a bit later, after the invisibility of Half Dome, a HUGE change...Just GORgeous, seen at http://www.andrys.com/ahwahnee-031812-1249.jpg ...
 We had read that Saturday would bring a somewhat severe storm and we were glad about our timing. Would not have been very comfortable resting on that meadow.Photo: Silhouetted Sentinel Rock seen from Cook's Meadow, Day 3.  SX10 #2357Photo: Tibet [kidding]. 
  From Cook's Mdw, SX10 #2359.
   Sorry about the messy tree, but it was a strange-looking place way up higher, and even using the zoom, I should have moved. 
   It intrigues me nevertheless.Photo: White (dead?) tree #3758Photo: Photo: Tree trunks and hints of green as of March 15. Cook's meadow. #3797Photo: Inside a Yosemite Free Shuttle stop. #3808Photo: Roof of shuttle bus stop. #3809Photo: At entrance to Lower Falls path while waiting for shuttle #2366Photo: Same shot, zoomed in. SX10. #2366crPhoto: Yosemite Visitors Center, Day 3, S95. 3819Photo: Carol and Ely using our last cafe vouchers before bus and  train home, #3822Photo: Carol and Ely. #3820Photo: UC Berkeley travel group. #3826Photo: Scene from bus to Merced. #3831Photo: Scene from bus. Merced River. #3836cropPhoto: Scene from bus to Merced. Carol mulling scenery. 3840Photo: Poppies seen from moving bus. #3841Photo: Nearing Merced at dusk. #3847 File Size: 172.86KPhoto: Transferring to Amtrak from bus. tho' not that one. #3848.Photo: THE PARTY'S OVER, a friend said. Sad and waiting for Amtrak. #1370