97 Photos - May 4, 2012
Photo: Water at Yosemite (from 4 photos)
 These are from four photos showing different scenes involving water, at Yosemite. 

The BridalVeil Fall is shown in the distance in the top left photo 
and later, at dusk, with rainbow coloring, in the top-right photo. 

At the bottom left is the Merced River, and at the right is a spot downstream from the area in the image at top left. We were at a photography workshop with PBase's Dave Wyman to shoot Fall Colors at Yosemite.

This is my first blended composite, done for a topic at Harold Davis' meetup.com area, and Google linked to tutorials.Photo: El Capitan, first view. #2573Photo: Photogs at workshop heading toward Cathedral Rocks. 
"Spires" at left. #2575.Photo: River Merced shores. #2577Photo: River bank edge reflections. #2584Photo: Workshop photogs on way back from a side trip. #2595Photo: Duo at bottom of El Capitan appreciate the sight. #2597.Photo: Yosemite Meadow grass (Fall 2011) #2600Photo: Scene from car window #2602Photo: Will's own circle of Eden. #2605Photo: Shadows of leaves on Will's head, jeans, and on the rocks. #2606Photo: El Capitan, Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil Fall, Merced River #2607Photo: Trying b&w version. #2608-bwcf2Photo: Cathedral Rocks, Bridalveil Fall, Merced River #2610Photo: Something about that treelet... #2620Photo: Fern Spring, #1 of 2.  Oct. 2011 #2625nPhoto: Fern Spring, #2 of 2. In shade, Oct. 2011. #2622crPhoto: #2632Photo: Rainbow'd Bridalveil Fall's top area w/ trees + looming shadow, from TunnelPhoto: The veil fans out at bottom, even when thin. #1737rPhoto: Rainbow of colors. Late day Bridalveil Fall from Tunnel View. #1733a.Photo: The view includes El Capitan, Clouds Rest, Half Dome, a bit of Sentinel Dome, Cathedral Rocks and Bridalveil Fall.Photo: Half Dome and Bridalveil Falls + Cathedral Rocks at Tunnel View. #2643 
  Sentinel Dome peeking above alongside Cathedral RocksPhoto: Dusk's rainbow-coloring of Bridalveil Fall has moved to the top area. #2645Photo: #2650Photo: It was only 4:09 pm but sunlight starts to disappear behind the taller mountains earlier. #2655Photo: El Capitan from another perspective 7 minutes later.. #2656Photo: Zooming in a few seconds later. I like the surface/texture of El Capitan.Photo: Grey, Laura, Will. And a tripod in the middle of the road. Obviously, it's not July! #2659Photo: Sunlight and textures on a sunny Geoffrey 2661Photo: Self Portrait  :-)  #2668Photo: Merced River #2674Photo: #2671rPhoto: Merced River.  #2681Photo: The Merced River #2688-600Photo: 5pm, El Capitan at dusk. #2689Photo: Photogs ready for sunset #2710-1200Photo: Dusk to sunset at Yosemite's Stoneman MeadowPhoto: 1/8th second + zoom at sunset #2722-1067Photo: Half Dome at dusk - from meadow #2716-600Photo: Showing a bit of North dome, its "mate" in Indian lore. #2725Photo: Half Dome does get really orange-red like that at this hour in the Fall. #1766.Photo: Sundown at meadow in Yosemite Valley #1773 

  At that time, at that meadow, that's the color of Half Dome as the setting sun strikes it. Note that the rock next to it, not hit by the sun, is a natural color.  Other cameras had the same color results.  
  And then we had a beautiful sunrise the next morning as the sun rose over Half Dome and lit the meadow, at about 8:40am.Photo: North Dome just as the sun was rising over Half Dome next day, same meadow.Photo: Sunrise at meadow 10/30/12 #2757Photo: Tree limb at meadow - sunrise #2759Photo: Same meadow just after sunrise #2761Photo: North Dome faces mate in Indian lore, Half Dome #2767Photo: Sunrise 10/30/12. Avoiding Tree over Half Dome  #2769Photo: Sunrise - meadow #2771Photo: Sunrise - meadow #2772Photo: Vertical one of Half Dome behind shrubbery. .#2782Photo: Catching red tree during rush to breakfast. #2764Photo: Group on way to breakfast during gorgeous light still.  #2766.Photo: Sunrise - meadow #2769-600-sepiaPhoto: Sunrise - meadow #2769-600-b&w (by request)Photo: Merced River.  A more secluded area. Reflections vs shadows. #2774Photo: Merced River, reflections and shadows.  #2776Photo: Merced River, reflections, shadows, and highlights. #2781Photo: Half Dome Plus. #2788Photo: The gang. #2793Photo: Stoneman Bridge  #1780Photo: Stoneman Bridge  #2795Photo: Taiya, Will and Jane's beautiful dog #2807Photo: Taiya and parents hitching a ride in my car.  
  No gas stations in Yosemite, and on the long winding very-uphill road to Glacier Pt we decided this would be better, and I enjoyed hearing Taiya. #2810Photo: Glacier Point #2811Photo: Glacier Point. #2814Photo: Roofed viewing area at top of Glacier Point  #2815Photo: Glacier Point view from a videoclip w/ Flip Mino HD that Woot! was selling for $34.Photo: Double reversal.  #2813 
This was initially an inadvertent reversal via a key combo. Then I reversed the visitors.Photo: Glacier Point and Half Dome.  #2817Photo: Glacier Point.  #2819Photo: What the glaciers carved. #2822Photo: Zoom-in on valley portion of image. #2822crPhoto: From Glacier Point, a look at the surface of Half Dome.   #1787 This was with the Canon SX10 ISPhoto: On the Glacier Point portrait-rock  :-)  Donna. #2827Photo: #2828Photo: Glacier Pt bldg at top left.  The gang on portrait-rock. #2830Photo: Zoomed-in.  #2830crPhoto: Don't they seem to belong there?  #2832Photo: Taiya's totally at home too. #2833Photo: Feeding the baby.  #2835Photo: I didn't get to check out this model of the valley.  #2836Photo: Identifying key rock formations takes awhile. Note another, less-visible half-dome also? #2837Photo: Looking way down across from a somewhat-dry Yosemite Falls. #2824Photo: Looking WAY down at river with reflections, w/ 10x  zoom setting.  #1794.Photo: In conversation with Laura. 2847crPhoto: Back at Yosemite View Lodge, El Portal. #2852  Merced River, of course!Photo: Merced River going by Yosemite View Lodge, El Portal #2858Photo: Yosemite View Lodge #2875Photo: By the river, at the Lodge.  #2887Photo: Merced River, running by Yosemite View Lodge, El Portal.  #2906Photo: Beautiful scene from my balcony.  #2907Photo: From Yosemite View Lodge balcony #2915Photo: From Yosemite View Lodge balcony #2918-600
  The lighting was just super gorgeous.  No processing enhancements here.Photo: From Yosemite View:Lodge balcony #1800Photo: From Yosemite View Lodge balcony  #1804.  End of Day.