18 Photos - Apr 20, 2012
Photo: A lot of capped brood . . and evidence of "backfilling" of nectar and pollen in this areaPhoto: white capped honey, pollen band (orange) and more capped brood (yellow)Photo: Photo: brood that has emerged, bakfilled with pollen and new eggsPhoto: more evidence of backfilling (filling brood area with pollen as new bees emerge)Photo: burr comb on top and bees boiling onto topPhoto: baggie feeder still quite full--they are preferring our strong nectar flowPhoto: this is the frame I knocked over onto the ground and got them a little stirred upPhoto: Photo: Photo: adding second brood boxPhoto: HIVE2: Ready to add second broodPhoto: Hive#2Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: