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The work of Maureen Love, a sculptor of the Hagen Renaker pottery factory

We found these photos in a March 1962 issue of Western Horseman magazine. Viewing them makes us long to take up sculpture again ourselves!

The text with the photos, written by Maggie Kennedy said:

RECENTLY, a very interesting and talented person came to our ranch to sketch our Appa loosas and use them for models. Marjorie [the writer mistook Love's actual first name, Maureen, as Marjorie] Love of Covina, Calif., puts her talents to use for the Hagen-Renaker Potteries who distribute horse statuettes in ceramic in all the Fifty and South America. She herself rates as one of the most prolific of sculptresses, since reproductions of her original models number into the many thousands.

Marjorie Love first makes a number of sketches of the horse, often taking days to get down on paper all the characteristics of an individual animal and the breed it represents. She has sketched and designed statuettes of some 30 different horses, including such breeds as the Morgan, Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred, Arabian, Sad dlebred, Tennessee Walker, and re cently the Appaloosa. Some of her work includes groups and others con sist of horses in action.

Next, the sculptress models the horse in clay, using the sketches as guides. An original mold is made of the model and from this plaster mold many others are cast and the statuette goes into mass production.

Various craftsmen have a hand in the production of the statuettes before they reach the shelves of dealers in ceramics around the country. After drying, mold marks must be removed and colors sprayed on. Small details, such as the eyes and other markings, are painted on by hand in special glaz ing colors. The horse miniatures are then fired in big kilns and come out by the hundreds as almost life-like copies in full color of such horses as our own colorful Appaloosas.

We found this website about Maureen Love's work:
We agree whole-heartedly that, "Maureen Love is one of the finest animal artists that ever lived."

The pedigree of the Appaloosa stallion in the photo may be viewed here:

Click on the photo below to view photos taken in the Hagen Renaker factory.

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