16 Photos - Apr 28, 2012
Photo: James and Denise setting up our booth.Photo: D'aww...Photo: The registration table at Bellingham Technical College. The line goes out of the door.Photo: A FreeBSD enthusiast came by to say hi. It's always very cool to meet fans. :DPhoto: We've even recruited the kitchen staff.Photo: James giving a demo of FreeNAS features.Photo: The gals from Deaf Inter-Link showing us some love.Photo: Early on Sunday morning, James gets ready for his talk.Photo: James setting up FreeNAS.Photo: James giving his talk to a room full of attendees.Photo: James and Michael, our two speakers, having a bonding moment.Photo: Oh yeah, we just went there. Couldn't resist.Photo: Love that shirt!Photo: Buddy is always popular at shows.Photo: Grand prize is a new laptop... hm, tempted.Photo: Our friendly next door neighbor is no other than Rikki from USENIX Association.