22 Photos - Jun 13, 2013
Photo: Photo: This is a picture of me. "Career Me", that is. Work me. Full-time corporate office chick me. (A.K.A. The "OLD" me.) As of last Friday, this is not me anymore.Photo: THIS is me now. I'll admit it – this adjustment has been hard, a little bit sad, and totally overwhelming. But I'm heading into summer with a to-do list like no other! Starting a new business from home, raising my kids, growing our food and making our new house finally feel like a home. Sounds good, right? Only problem: it doesn't leave me too much time for, say, a SHOWER.Photo: I'm living in a ponytail, clothes covered with milk and who-knows-what, and I'm lucky if I find time to brush my teeth. I'm even losing TONS of hair and have big bald patches, see? This is not my finest moment, looks-wise, and I haven't been feeling great about it. Especially since I turn FORTY next month!Photo: (And even if I could find the time, our bathroom looks like this. Not exactly the home "spa" I'd love to have.)Photo: So, one night, after I offered to tuck my son in, he said to me: "No Mommy. You take a shower first." and wrinkled up his nose. NO LIE, he said that. My poor kids. I need to do something about this!Photo: So, I jumped at the chance to visit WalMart for the #Cbias #RimmelRealBeauty shop.Photo: I brought the kids with me and we decided everyone was getting presents. Each of us could definitely use a little pick-me-up!Photo: For Daddy, a new drink cup. Something silly :) It's easy to find fun, seasonal stuff at WalMart. This will fit in the cup holder on Daddy's mower, where he's been spending a LOT of time mowing our 6 new acres. We saw a bunch of pitchers and fun cocktail glasses, too. Maybe we need to have a summer party!Photo: As for our boy, he got a new water table. I've been looking, and WalMart had the best price around. This will buy me a lot of time to work this summer while our Little Man splashes and plays. It's amazing how much fun water is for kids!Photo: Baby Girl? She got a new tutu skirt for the upcoming 4th of July party we're going to. I love stuff like this because it's really inexpensive at WalMart so there's no guilt if it only gets worn once.Photo: Now, time for Mommy's present! I'm hitting up Rimmel's new $3.97 collection, available at WalMart. Can you believe each item is less than $4.00? I'll admit, I was skeptical. I'm not a fan of cheap makeup that winds up in the bottom of my bag, never used. But I'm game to give it a try!Photo: Mama's getting the London Look!Photo: I was immediately drawn to the Stay Glossy Lip Gloss. Not so sure about some of the colors, though! There was a time, back in my clubbin' days, when I would have rocked sparkly black. But now? I'm more of a subdued nudes kind of gal.Photo: And I was in luck! I loved, loved, loved the selection of nude colors available. I ended up getting all three of these! (And to jump ahead a little, they're not gloppy or weird at all. They are a comfortable lip gloss to wear, with just the right amount of sparkle. Nobody likes a sticky gloss!)Photo: I ended up taking home 3 lip glosses, one ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner, one Glam'Eyes Quad Eyeshadow Set, Stay Matte Pressed Powder and the Natural Bronzer. Since baby is always chewing my face, I tend to skip out on foundations and powders unless I'm going out for the night, but the bronzer is fun when I want to add a little bit of life to my skin tone.Photo: Eek! Sorry, I should have warned you. Here are some more "every day" pics. But look! Rimmel really is like magic. What do you think?Photo: I love this nude palette because I think I look just "made up" enough without going overboard. It's natural, but polished. I still look like me, only better. :)Photo: I really like what the bronzer does. It leaves a healthy glow that's just perfect for a day out with friends or a date with the hubs. Speaking of which...Photo: I think I'm feeling inspired to bust out my favorite nude shoes! I retired these when I was pregnant, but I miss them, and they'll go perfectly with my new collection of nudes. I think it might be time for a new summer dress and a date night, too! (Insert "nude" joke here! haha)Photo: I just might be able to do this stay-at-home thing after all. After all, it only takes a few dollars and a quick trip to WalMart to make me feel like myself again. Surely I can keep that up! Kisses to you, and I hope you feel inspired to "Get Nude" this summer too!Photo: