36 Photos - Sep 17, 2012
Photo: Kirkbost on SkyePhoto: Sheep Bogle in SligachanPhoto: Mony Halls bay in ApplecrossPhoto: Culdui near ApplecrossPhoto: Lochan, Milltown, ApplecrossPhoto: Applecross bayPhoto: The pass to ApplecrossPhoto: Diabaig pierPhoto: Old trawler in DiabeigPhoto: Diabeig to Torridon roadPhoto: ShieldaigPhoto: Red point beach with cow printsPhoto: One of the many jellyfish of all shapes and sizes on Red point beach.Photo: Red point beachPhoto: The view from the campsite in GairlochPhoto: The church in GairlochPhoto: Inchnadamph field centerPhoto: Ardvrek castle InchnadamphPhoto: Loch AssyntPhoto: Enard bay near LochinverPhoto: Lochinver primary school, what a place to get an education.Photo: View from my room in InchnadamphPhoto: Ben More AssyntPhoto: The bouncy broch! New highland castle being built on the Inchnadamph estate.Photo: Ben More from the Inchnadamph lodge.Photo: Kyle of DurnessPhoto: Crone with Ipad on Durness beach.Photo: Tumble down Cottage in Eribol with squall in the backgroundPhoto: Rain squall in the Firth of ForthPhoto: Limekilns harbourPhoto: Limekilns from the fife coast path.Photo: My old school, Limekilns primary.Photo: Stickle Ghyll in Langdale.Photo: Stickle Ghyll in the Langdale velley.Photo: No explanation required.Photo: The new Dungeon Ghyll hotel.