38 Photos - Apr 9, 2014
Photo: Taping the orienteering course. My pack weighed a fair bit more than my regular race pack, and certainly wriggled a lot more.Photo: While there is plenty of naturally occurring water on the course, it is strongly recommended that teams purify it before drinking.Photo: Extensive fires through the area around two years ago have opened up a lot of the undergrowth, making for easier travel.Photo: Teams with strong navigation skills and a bold route choice might spot this old tree growing out of a rock.Photo: Launch Point? Check Point? Random Point?Photo: Part of the sub-tropical rainforest that makes up the varied terrain on the Rogue24 course.Photo: Rocky creek lines are a dominant feature of the course.Photo: One of the route choices on the mountain bikes (most likely down hill too!)Photo: Photo taken during a trek traverse around the paddle course.Photo: Rock hopping will certainly be a handy skill on this years course.Photo: CP28 - But is is a kayak, trek or bike control?Photo: Trekking terrain is mostly open and fast. Grass seeds have not been an issue on previous scouting trips, although there is the potential there as we move into the cooler months.Photo: A potential CP location?Photo: See previous comments re: rock hopping skillsPhoto: Race HQ (as suggested by Sloshy).Photo: Trekking terrain - former cattle country with the cattle removed. Deer trails abound however, and there always seems to be one heading in the direction you want to go.Photo: A rock.Photo: Views back over sections of the mountain bike course.Photo: Views from one of the trek legs. Competitors should hit this in daylight (if they opt for it). It is worth carrying a camera on the course and we love to teams race reports after the event.Photo: To increase the capacity of the field, we will be using a second fleet of canoes (a mix of those shown in the photo). First come, first served on kayak/canoe choice, but all are similar in their speed, weight and comfort and should offer no significant advantage either way.Photo: A good chance competitors opting for this section of the course will hit it at night, so enjoy the views now. There won't be much moon to speak of on race weekend either.Photo: Grass. Trees. Water. Rogue24 Course.Photo: Have seen plenty of these guys on course setting trips, along with plenty of deer.Photo: On route to a 70 point CP - worth looking up from the map occasionally.Photo: Misty sunrise over the course - always a welcome sight for weary competitors.Photo: These guys are a protected species in the area and we have been given instruction by the permitting authorities to tread carefully in the terrain. This means that when travelling on any scree slopes, teams should traverse laterally and not straight up and down (although with CP placement, this should never be any issue).Photo: Mountain biking? Trekking? Kayaking? Who are we kidding, part of the (uphill) mountain bike course.  Well, one option anyway.Photo: More trekking terrain.Photo: Smudgy photo of nature.Photo: Part of the Stand Up Paddleboard course.Photo: The mountain bike course travels through a region of pine forestry plantation with an extensive (and potentially confusing) track network. And yeah, your bikes will be red at the end of the race.Photo: Erren, one of our great race volunteers, out hanging a 100 point CP - how many teams will make it this far?Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: