24 Photos - Oct 1, 2012
Photo: Welcomed at our local Walmart by Fall decorations!Photo: We found the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar in the regular vinegar section, not the cleaning section!Photo: Last one on the shelf.Photo: We are ready to clean with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar; you will need a sponge, spray bottle, measuring cup, and a bucket!Photo: Our microwave needs a good cleaning, as it has caked on food...gross!Photo: Mix one half cup of boiling water, to a half cup of Heinz Cleaning Vinegar.Photo: Set your glass measuring cup inside the microwave, and set the clock for 2 to 3 minutes, letting the Heinz Cleaning VInegar to boil and steam!Photo: The Heinz Cleaning Vinegar worked like a charm...once again the microwave is spotless!Photo: Next I headed to the bathroom to tackle the faucet, sink, shower, and our bath toys!Photo: The bath toys need a hard scrubbing and soak in Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!Photo: The shower control knob and base plate has soap scum and water marks...ewww!Photo: Im so embarrased to show you this...soap scum, and hard water stains.Photo: The shower drain is just gross...needs a good cleaning and scrubbing!Photo: I gathered the bath toys, bucket, and Heinz Cleaning Vinegar....time for a soak!Photo: Soaking the bath toys!Photo: Time to tackle the shower with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar, a spray bottle, and a sponge! Be gone soap scum!Photo: Spraying down the surface of the base plate.Photo: Giving the drain a good soaking, with Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!Photo: Simply wipe the surface with the sponge!Photo: Cleaning the drain!Photo: Spraying the surface of the sink, knobs, and faucet!Photo: Beautiful!Photo: Scrubbing the bath toys after a 30 minute soak in the Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!Photo: The kids can play with the bath toys again, thanks to Heinz Cleaning Vinegar!