72 Photos - Dec 19, 2007
Photo: Leaving the truck for a night out at bus 142.Photo: Hitting the Stampede Trail.Photo: Skiing to bus 142.Photo: Windblown trail--no snow.Photo: More windblown trail--no snow.Photo: Skiing on overflow on the Stampede Trail.Photo: Dan resting.Photo: Skiing to the bus.Photo: Brian getting ready to cross the Savage River.Photo: Brian crossing the Savage River.Photo: Cold feet..Photo: Even colder feet...Photo: Now his feet are really cold...Photo: Ed crossing the Savage River.Photo: Eds got cold feet now..Photo: Feet frozen to the ground...what the hell are we thinking?Photo: Back on the trail.Photo: Brian catching some O2Photo: Dan.Photo: Sky and Dan skiing head toward the Teklanika.Photo: Dan on the shores of the Teklanika River.Photo: Teklanika River at sunset.Photo: Scouting for a place to cross.Photo: The precarious ice bridge we crossed...Photo: Skiing on an ice ledge..Photo: Brian crosses the narrow ice bridge over the Teklanika River.Photo: Cooking dinner in the bus.Photo: Hanging out in the bus.Photo: Hanging out in the magic bus.Photo: Reading excerpts from "Into the Wild'Photo: Gettin' water.Photo: Fresh water from the Sushana RIver.Photo: Drying out gear.Photo: Brian in the bus.Photo: Driving the magic bus.Photo: Bus 142 -- the magic busPhoto: Skiing back to the truck.Photo: Morning light in the magic busPhoto: Stoking the wood stove in the magic busPhoto: Bus 142 - the magic busPhoto: More bus 142 - the magic busPhoto: Bus 142 again - the magic busPhoto: A cold morning at the magic bus..Photo: Driving the magic bus...Photo: This bus doesnt seem to be going anywhere.Photo: Its still not going anywhere.Photo: Into the Wild signed by krakauer and others.Photo: The leg warmer used as a distress signal by Chris McCandless.Photo: Bus 142 interior.Photo: Posing in front of the magic bus.Photo: Josie on the trail.Photo: Old 55 gallon drums on the trail.Photo: Breaking through the ice.Photo: Dan rests.Photo: Ed rests.Photo: Brian really wants to drive this bus.Photo: Bus graffitiPhoto: Bus graffitiPhoto: Magic Bus graffitiPhoto: Dan at the busPhoto: Skiing home.Photo: Sky on the trail.Photo: Brian packing up his gear.Photo: Stuff in the bus.Photo: Trying to get motivated to hit the trail.Photo: Creek by the bus.Photo: Memorial to Chris McCandless.Photo: Leaving bus 142 - the magic bus.Photo: Sushana River.Photo: Sky by the river.Photo: Frosted and really tired after skiing 8 hours.Photo: Brian stil looks happy.