16 Photos - Feb 28, 2014
Photo: World Headquarters in Burbank, California.Photo: The EMEA Headquarters in Dartford, United Kingdom.Photo: Electrosonic built the world’s largest videowall at EXPO 92 in Seville with 850 CRT monitors.Photo: A photo of the founders: Robert Simpson, Michael Ray and Denis Naisbitt in 1974.Photo: The Greenwich vegetable market, home to Electrosonic’s first office.Photo: Jim Bowie, President of Electrosonic Group.Photo: A recent Electrosonic project, Los Angeles International Airport (LAX).Photo: A recent Electrosonic project: The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ New Nature Resource Center (NRC) in Raleigh, North Carolina.Photo: Hult International Business School: An example of a corporate AV project.Photo: Caltrans District 7, Los Angeles: An example of a control room project.Photo: The ES2002, a two-speed dissolve unit for slide projection from the late Sixties.Photo: This 72 monitor display, based on Electrosonic’s PICBLOC system, was installed in Johannesburg Airport in 1989. One of the first airports to use videowalls for advertising.Photo: Electrosonic’s first computer interactive display, “The London Game,” at the “London Experience” tourist attraction in 1977.Photo: Electrosonic 50th Anniversary logo.Photo: Electrosonic's "50 Years On The Audio-Visual Front Line."Photo: Electrosonic founding partner, Robert Simpson