11 Photos - Feb 17, 2012
Photo: Prentice Gautt paved the way for black student-athletes at the University of Oklahoma.Photo: Prentice Gautt played football under legendary coach Bud Wilkinson.Photo: One of the few game action images ever taken of Prentice Gautt.Photo: Prentice GauttPhoto: Prentice GauttPhoto: Prentice Gautt and some of his teammates pose for a publicity photo.Photo: Prentice Gautt and OU Athletics Director Joe Castiglione.Photo: Prentice Gautt at the dedication ceremony for OU's student-athlete academic center in 1999.Photo: Prentice Gautt receiving his honorary doctorate from OU in 2003.Photo: Prentice Gautt's photo from the 1958 OU yearbook.Photo: A late studio photo of Prentice Gautt.