19 Photos - Jan 12, 2012
Photo: The store was sort of busy.Photo: First Street Unsalted ButterPhoto: We have a winner. Mmmm...Photo: All the flavor choices!Photo: First Street Vanilla Extract for the cookiesPhoto: First Street sugar for the cookies.Photo: First Street All Purpose Flour for the cookies.Photo: We'll go with First Street sliced almonds for the cookies.Photo: Hmmm...should we chop up walnuts or another nut for the cookies?Photo: "I need cookies!"Photo: Well then mommy needs some popcorn because she just remembered her show is on tonight!Photo: First Street chocolate chip cookies save the day!Photo: Whoa that's a lot of syrup flavoring...Photo: I spoke too soon...Photo: Mmmm...Ambiance CoffeePhoto: Tons of flavors...which to choose?Photo: Caramel makes a coffee cup smile.Photo: Time to use our SmartCash Card to pay for our haul!Photo: This project has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for #collectivebias #cbias