8 Photos - Mar 21, 2013
Photo: Mou prepares the combiner box where wires from the solar panels will be connected to the two main wires entering the solar charging components inside Thiou School.Photo: Mou is assisted in carrying one of the batteries that will be charged from the solar panels to provide power at night. The system has a total of 16 batteries. Each one weighs about 100 pounds.Photo: View of Mou standing at the locally-welded frame where the solar panels will be mounted.Photo: Mou placing one of the solar panels into the mounting frame. This system will have 36 panels and will provide ample power for Thiou's 8 classrooms and the grounds outside the buildings.Photo: Mou stands on a ladder to wire one of the classroom lighting fixtures.Photo: Mou wires the system's charge controllers.Photo: Mou wires the system's inside charging station components.Photo: A view across the mounted solar panels at Thiou School.