10 Photos - Mar 13, 2013
Photo: Workers at the Wunlang Clinic stock shelves with medical supplies. Our grant pays for temporary nursing and support staff for the clinic until it can sustain itself from government support and modest patient fees for treatment at the clinic.Photo: Medical supplies are purchased in nearby markets. Our grant to the Wunlang Clinic helps jumpstart operations until support from the Ministry of Health and modest patient fees can sustain operations.Photo: The hallway inside the Wunlang Clinic. Exam, office, and storage rooms are through the doors on each side of the hallway.Photo: Workers construct a storage shelf.Photo: Constructing shelves for storing supplies at the Wunlang Clinic.Photo: Midwife kits donated from America have arrived and will soon be unpacked and stored at the Clinic. Local birth attendants will be trained in proper use of the kits.Photo: A shelf stocked with medical supplies.Photo: Stocking a storage shelf at the Wunlang ClinicPhoto: Mosquito nets distributed from Wunlang Clinic.Photo: Mosquito nets have been delivered to Wunlang Clinic in large shipping containers. The Clinic will keep the containers for safe storage of future supplies.